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Free Domain for Students: Your name is what identifies you in public. Have you ever witnessed a company having no brand name? A name creates credibility and increases your reach. Even on the Internet, your name gives you importance and trustworthiness. Buying a domain name for yourself as a student will turn out to be a smart judgment. If you are business-oriented and want to run your own successful company in the future, you have got to start early as possible. Sow the seeds for your future now and start by looking at some free domains for student packages. Read through the brief details and pick your choice of domain service provider among the best in the market. 

You can start increasing the brand value of your domain name at the earliest. If you are thinking about getting your domain name but are worried about how much it will cost, put your thoughts at rest. There are numerous free web hosting for students that lets you create your free domain. Here are some of the web hosts that let you generate free domain for students.


Namecheap started off as a domain registrar service and now has over a million customers. Their reach, performance, and credibility set them as one of the leaders of domain generators and services. And now, just to cater to the needs of the present generation of students, they have their own free domain students service. Known as ‘Namecheap for Education,’ it is a free domain for students package, especially geared towards college students who seek to cultivate an online presence for their brand. 

Namecheap for Education plans offers you access to use free domains or TLDs for students such as; 

  1. .me
  2. .io
  3. .tech
  4. .com
  5. .website

There are also PLUS offers available on Namecheap that have even more benefits to suit your student’s lifestyle and requirements. These plans include access to host rights on GitHub, professional logo made by Logo Maker, and student business cards. Choose the package that suits your demands in the best way possible from Namecheap domain services. 

How Can You Avail Namecheap Domain?

Visit the Namecheap Education Program or Namecheap free domain for student website and there you will see a domain name search box. Right beside it, you see an option bar that will roll down once you click on it and show you all the TLD options. Make your desired choices of domain and TLD and click on the find button at the right. You can see the different versions of your domain name alongside your choice of TLD and their availability. Select the domain the suits your requirements the most and follow through. 

Here are three choices to check out:


Want to register and transfer your domain in the easiest way possible, with a couple of seconds. Choose iPage for the same. iPage hosts infinite domains but its free web hosting plans and packs offer you extensive disk space, domains, and databases. With each iPage free domain name for students pack you get way to use features such as; 

  • Free SSL Encrypt Certificate
  • Email Forwarding
  • Popular domains names/TLDs such as .com, .org, .info, .biz, and more. 
  • 1-year student domain when you order a premium web hosting plan
  • Domain Privacy + Protection 

How Can You Avail iPage Domain?

Visit the iPage website and click upon the Domain option mentioned on the top. Then you will see a search bar to find the best domain name for your endeavor. You can also check the FAQs listed below if you have any queries regarding the domain search system from iPage. Once you type the domain name of your choice and press search, your screen will show you different versions of your domain along with various TLDs. Pick the combination you see best suited to your wishes and proceed ahead by adding it to your cart and later buying it.

To quote iPage itself, ‘.. won’t put a limit on the number of domains you can host on your iPage account, so host as many as you like.’ Doesn’t that sound promising? iPage’s domain services are especially best suited for students considering their tight budget corresponds with iPage low charge for web hosting. 


Do you want your domain hosting service to come along with impressive and unique perks included? Bluehost’s web hosting services for students also cater to the demand for free domains for students. You get double benefits and even more if you pick one of the priced packages of web hosting that Bluehost provides. Along with 24/7 expert support, you get your free domain name for the first year, just for $2.95 per month. Bluehost’s free domain service for students gives you access to use popular and unique TLDs such as .com, .net, .org, .me, .blog, and more. On top of all this, with the Bluehost domain service you get features like; 

  • 24/7 domain support from experts
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Privacy and Protection of Domain
  • Huge selection to choose from
  • Geo-location domains
  • Easy domain management and forwarding
  • Auto-renewal and Domain lock

How Can You Avail Bluehost Domain?

Enter the Bluehost website and locate the Domain option on the top. Click on the same and type in your favored domain name on the search box. Then, select your choice of TLD from the option bar that will open below. You can spot the TLD option right beside the blank space to write your desired domain name. The search system of Bluehost will load results on your screen of variation of your domain name. Pick the one you prefer the most from the available choices and proceed to add it to the cart. 

There are other priced plans at Bluehost that will provide more interesting features, making your tasks easier. Plus and Choice Plus gives your unlimited access to domain names and subdomain names of your choice. Plus, you get added facilities and features with these packages. A great bargain if you consider our opinion.

Do you want to reach your target audience and build your company name and credibility? Every great business idea started small, and reach milestones with the help of the budding internet presence. Get. tech is a free domain service provider, and its plans, features, and packages suit every student’s needs. 

.Tech domain is the best place to start your business and see your brand name rise. This free domain for student service is available for students who already have joined the GitHub Student Developer Pack. You can claim your free domain and use it as you like from the .tech domain of a year. 

Additional benefits from using get. tech as your free domains for students are; 

  • Free Email hosting service
  • 2 Emails of your choice along with 100MB space
  • super fast domain search speed
  • expert always available to answer your doubts
  • Tech-focused and exclusive benefits with brandable image
  • Easily recallable

How Can You Avail  Domain?

Since domain has an exclusive free domain service for students, you get to avail of it if you meet all the criteria for eligibility. First, you must sign up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Later, visit the .tech domain website and type in your desired domain name. Follow-through by checking all the available domain options that appear on your screen and choose the one you see suitable.

  • 24/7/365 expert service to answer all your queries
  • Low priced plan
  • Huge collection of domains name to select from
  • No technical skills required to set up a domain
  • Real-time monitoring
  • 100 subdomains with custom web address

How Can You Avail GoDaddy Domain?

To access the free domain for student service, go to Once you are in, click on the Domain Name Search option and check the availability of different available TLDs from the large selection. There are both popular, great, and uniquely featured domain names to choose from GoDaddy. Pick your choice and type in the domain you wish to have. Next, you will see various domain names appear on your screen along with TLD on your choice. Select the one you like the most and proceed ahead to any mentioned pay the cost for the same. And you are done, you have your own domain name now. 

You can navigate through the plans and packages, but let us ruin the surprise for you. It is the Ultimate package that will capture your attention. GoDaddy provides you with free web hosting with Cpanel, and the free domain feature under the Ultimate plan is marvelous to behold and gain access to.

Want to take all the advantages you can get in your student life? In this phase of life when you are expected to live frugally, purchasing a domain name seems redundant. Who wants to spend more money on things you can get for free? With, you can enjoy the rare benefits of being a student and access your own free domain. Make the most out of these opportunities and other features that provides in their free domain names for students pack. 

With you get to choose between two TLDs: 

  1. .codes
  2. .games

This offer of a free domain for students from is a collaboration with GitHub Education. You get to own a free TrueName domain for one year after registration and you also gain access to additional features and benefits such as;

  •  privacy protection
  • SSL certificate
  • SEO Impact
  • Dominant presence across the digital sphere
  • Free URL and Email Forwarding
  • Forwarding to Social Media
  • Free DNS Management

To access the free domain for students offers package from, you have to gain access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack. 

How Can You Avail Domain?

Visit the GitHub collaboration with website for the free domain for students offer and log in with your GitHub credentials. Make your choices for domain on the search along with TLD and proceed with the best available options that show on your screen. Choose wisely according to your wishes and think about its suitability prior to making your final decision for free domain for students.  

GitHub Student Developer Pack

Perhaps the major access to the free domain for student services is provided by GitHub through their GitHub Student Developer Pack. Are you a student who is into developing new skills, making a name for yourself, and increasing your digital reach? GitHub Student Developer Pack enhances your visibility and credibility over the Internet and you get access to loads of tools and features such as game development, cloud hosting, and more. Added benefits of GitHub Student Developer Pack include features such as; 

  • Free Domain for 1 Year from Namecheap, get. tech, and
  • $100 credit for cloud hosting on Digital Ocean and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • one year access to Canva Pro
  • Premium courses from FrontendMaster for six months
  • one-year zero cost professional plan Typeform 

How Can You Avail GitHub Student Developer Pack?

Availing the GitHub Student Developer Pack for free domain for student services is an easy and fast process. First, venture into the GitHub website and create an account. Log in and select the GitHub Education option. Click on it and you will come to a webpage where you will see the pack, all information regarding the same, and an option to Get Your Pack. Click on the option to avail of the GitHub student pack, claim your offer code (View Code) from the choices available and you get your free domain names for students now. 

Getting yourself a domain name whilst you are still a student might turn out to be one of the smartest decisions of your life. As every business turns their focus on cultivating a digital presence for themselves to garner customers, you may as well start now. By the time you start your entrepreneurial journey, you will rest assured with the reach you have already garnered with your target audience. 

With good domain performance, speed, and security from the above-listed free domains for students, you can easily turn your audience into your customers. So pick wisely from the set of the above-mentioned free domain for student service and remember to look closely into their plans and offers. Create your blog, build your digital portfolio, and law the foundation for your future business now while you are a student with these domain services. 

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