18 Canva Alternatives To Help You Create Better Content

Do you find the Canva application a bit too advanced? Or the pro version is unaffordable? For these and many other problems, this list of alternatives will surely help you. You can also give it a try to get canva premium free We have included paid as well as unpaid options to fulfill the needs of all users.

Though Canva is reviewed positively and recommended by many creative editors, some of the netizens don’t find it suitable for their needs. If you are one of those, go through this list and carefully examine which application will suffice for all your requirements. Hope these 18 applications help you upskill your creative quotient!

For full-time social media users, Adobe Spark will prove to be a boon. It allows you to easily transform your ideas into stunning visual stories. The functions it can perform include short videos, Instagram reels, web pages, and social graphics.

They even provide the users with a demo video to make the process even more streamlined and user-friendly. In case you need to add a lot of quotes in your creations, there is a chosen selection of a variety of thoughtful quotes as well.

It has certain branches too. Spark post to create social graphics, Spark Page for webpages, Spark Video for short videos, and other related creations.

This application will truly act as a wizard for all your editing and creative content needs. Don’t know why? We’re here to help with that! You can get access to personalized templates and suggestions once you feed your requirements with the software. This helps you save time and reduced the repetition of customary practices like adding the same logo to each page, specifying the theme, etc.

Their free library has more than a million high-quality images to offer, that too, with no added stubborn watermarks.Users even get to customize the color palettes on Design Wizard.

If you feel impressed with all these features, join it for free and embark on your journey towards becoming a “design wizard”!

As the name suggests, this one will make all your content creation tasks a lot easier to perform. Their template collection is regularly updated so that you do not miss out on any recent trends.

An added advantage includes the free creation of GIFs, which makes this application quite unique and reliable. For bloggers, there are numerous styling options so that every new blog is different from the other, and the creations get better along the way! You need to pay 6.25 dollars to acquire Easil Plus and 49 dollars if you wish to use the Easile Edge version. Edge is recommended for advanced users, though beginners can use it to increase the scope of their work.

First things first, don’t go by the name as Snappa has no relation with Snapchat. It is a time-savvy application that can be used by anyone to create content for social media handles, extensive ads, and blogs. The interface is so user-friendly that you don’t need to be a professional in the creative field to use it.

The aim behind the creation of Snappa is speedy editing, provision ofversatile tools at the same place, and make the overall process as simple as possible. An amazing feature of this application is that you can remove the background from any picture with just a single click. For memers, this will surely prove to be a savior.

Are you also tired of using the existing templates like breathe, pop, fade, and others? With Crello, you get an option to customize the animations as well. They provide you with a high-quality Animation Maker, using which you can easily decide and apply how your text, pictures, stickers should appear.

In addition to the general variety, you can create trendy posters, logos, flyers, brochures, and event invitations. This application not only focuses on unmatched online content but also works equally well for the creation of printing material as well. The search panel is quite adequate as you can browse the templates just by stating your purpose and click on go!Just by going through the home page, design-lovers are sure to get impressed as the collection is both trendy and sophisticated.

This one is known to be “the web’s favorite online graphic design tool”. Whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, or engaging in social media marketing, there’s something for everyone on Stencil.

The community exceeds 300k users and positive reviews have been garnered by trustworthy ventures like Capterra, Trustpilot, and High Performer Spring 2020.Remember how you used to write details on project cover pages using plastic or metal stencils? Using this application is easier than that. Simply click, drop and your beautiful designs are ready!

Fascinated by the name? The workings will fascinate you even more. This sturdy application comes with a photo retoucher. Don’t know what’s that? Just read on. Using a photo retoucher, you can perform a plethora of photoshopping functions like teeth whitening, blemish removing, wrinkle removing, red-eye removing, adjusting skin tone, and much more. If this is all you were looking for for a long time, PicMonkey will not disappoint you at all.

It’s amazing how even after being a Canva alternative, this option provides you with its unique features as well.

The latest 2021 edition is an intuitive photo-editing application that can be used for free directly from the browser. All formats are supported including photoshopped images. The two branches further organize your editing and designing requirements.

With Pixlr E, users can easily indulge in advanced photo editing. On the other hand, Pixlr X is for quick and easy graphic designing.The existing tools get smarter and smarter with time, while the new additions ensure that your designs remain trendy. For background removal, go for Pixlr Bg. 500 million users might be trusting this one for a reason, right?

For users belonging to statistical backgrounds, Piktochart can prove to be the much-needed alternative to Canva. For data analysis to Mathematics paper setting, this application will allow you to design charts, diagrams, and much more as per the needs of your work. All-in-all, this one will aid in improvising on internal and external communication.

Top-notch brands like Disney, Accenture, Oxfam, etc rely on Piktochart. You even get an option to choose your company’s fonts and set them as default to cut down on redundancy. This application promises you wonderful creations in no time. The option to look up pitch decks is a blessing for brand managers. There is a separate section for LinkedIn posts as well.

If Venn diagrams used to be your favorite topic in Maths, you will find this application quite helpful. As easy as it can be, Venngage is a popular infographics maker. If you run a news app or post content daily, give it a try. The available charts and visuals are easy to customize so that you don’t need to create them right from scratch.

For non-professionals as well, this alternative is so user-friendly that you won’t feel fatigued even after designing for hours and hours at a stretch. Sounds addictive, right? It is!

You can use Fotor’s basic version for 8.99 dollars a month. For those who wish to create unique content and avoid repetition, check their collection of templates to know why we are recommending this one. The interface gives you a revolutionary feel and the community of more than 450 million people makes the application even more reliable.

Though advanced designing features are not a part of Fotor, their limited options strive for overall perfection. The beauty retouching tools will sort your photoshopping needs as well, cutting down on the need for a separate application for the purpose.

  • FotoJet

FotoJet was assembled as a collage maker, but it has now been involved to meet several modern editing needs. You can even get a one-week free trial so that you can check if the interface suits you, before leaping to the Plus version.

You can easily get a glimpse of Canva as soon as you use FotoJet. It is extremely time-savvy and you can edit quite effortlessly.

  • BeFunky

Going by the tagline, BeFunky is an all-in-one creative platform. Let’s find out why! You get three options to edit photos, make collages, and design graphics. This work is eased up thanks to their huge collection of effects, templates, and grids.

The functions are efficiently segregated so you can find exactly what you need at a particular time. The batch processing feature allows you to do multitasking like never before.

  • Desygner

With the premium version slated at around 10 dollars a month, this application is specially crafted for those who need editing software for professional use. To enhance the overall experience, the editing area is designated as your workspace.

Ever heard about editing PDFs? You get to do that as well on Desygner. There is just one extra step as you cannot go through the tools without signing up for the free version. Once you do that, there’s a curated selection of stock-free images, special text, and much more to serve you!

Pixelied allows you to create stunning designs in seconds. Here as well, the Editor is based on the same lines as that of Canva. Replacing backgrounds is the easiest feature, which is a must-need for graphic editors, Instagrammers, and other professionals.

You can even create mock-ups using Pixelied. Vector files are supported, the emoji section has been expanded, and editing is a fun activity.

  • Tyle

With this free photo, slideshow, and video maker, business officials can quickly attain an edge over the others in the marketplace. Tyle promises you unmatched speed and exceptional quality at the same time. The layout examples on the homepage are immersive enough to get you addicted.

The 3-step mantra for instant content creation combines mood, text message, and quirky media. In addition to all these astounding features, Tyle is a certified partner solution for YouTube and Facebook. You can create engaging videos in the blink of an eye. The annual subscription will cost you 59 dollars.

  • RelayThat

If you are a brand owner seeking consistency in your online world, choose RelayThat. On-brand design automation is possible on every channel. The application doesn’t require much hard work as you get suggestions at each step. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is also possible.

The pro subscription is priced at 25 dollars for a month. Their tutorial video is enough to help you out. The huge collection of marketing images is sure to get this tiresome task off your daily to-do list. Just choose the topic you wish to work on, search for all you need, and RelayThat!

  • Visme

The best of all apps, that is, Visme offer you a whole workshop of content-editing tools. This is one of the most versatile software available online.Users can easily create visual brand experiences as per their needs. You have options to create, learn, do teamwork, access free templates, and much more.

Currently, they are hiring beginners in the field of graphic editing as well. For those who love to create reputable quality content, Visme will offer the best platform. The latest version is absolutely glitch-free.

It is quite easy to use, irrespective of your designation. There is a large collection of boardroom-ready presentations, engaging charts, the latest infographics, and much more.


Each application has its advantages and disadvantages. In case you feel that a single app does not contain all you need, the free Canva alternatives can be used simultaneously as well. You need to make sure that you understand the basic requirements before using the app. We recommend so because certain applications run quite slow on mobile phones and zooming features don’t allow you to get the desired results.

There is no compulsion to go for the paid version as the unpaid versions offer practically all the features, barring a few advanced ones. Choose your favorite one, try creating and rest everything will automatically fall in place. Till then, happy editing to all the creative minds out there!

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