Best Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency, World’s next plastic currency, will lead the market in the future; the currency is only available in digital to transfer from device to device based on buying and selling. Crypto doesn’t have any single shape to introduce as a particular. It has thousands of variations on a single digital store.

Want to invest the crypto money in the desired online platform and want to know what are growth-related cryptocurrencies are available in the market. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies are available in the market to invest in the money for 2022 year. Users can check the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2022 to experience growth in the crypto market.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency WalletsLevel of Wallets
ExodusFor Beginners
ElectrumFor Advanced Users
MyceliumFor Mobile Users
Ledger Nano XHardware Wallet
Trezor Model TFor Security
OpoloHardware devises EAL1 to EAL 5
CoinSmartMultiple transactions
ZenGoBetter UI Design
CoinbaseOnline and Offline Storage (Multi-Use)

These cryptocurrency wallets are handled the big and small payments for the investor side, and bitcoin wallets are mostly safe and secure side; they have encoded wallet information, these coded wallet codes are unable to code and decode at any stage so that the value of the bitcoin wallets for the cryptocurrencies are more potent than the bank security systems.


Exodus is one of the most online trustworthy platforms ever, which handles the small and big cryptocurrency payment transactions ever; both desktop and mobile app UI design is designed very clearly to understand the payment transaction navigations easily.

More than 100+ cryptocurrencies are available in Exodus single platform; Exodus wallet has good features for the new and existing user. They can access all types of bitcoin currencies and crypto-related details without confusion.


Mycelium is the unique cryptocurrency platform for one-to-one private key generation in real-time. It also helps to integrate the desktop version to the mobile app so that it helps to secure the account without any confusion. It also helps trade the crypto for ERC – 20 and BTC coins.

Also, it can secure the account by using a secured PIN and password if possible for crypto payment transactions. It has issued multiple addresses for the useful features.


Electrum is founded in 2011 years and is also called a bitcoin wallet, it takes the bare-bones and minimalist user interfaces for bitcoin’s easy transaction process. It reduced almost the complexity of bitcoin purchase and sales transactions. Electrum allows the users to set the custom fee for the bitcoin transactions. Electrum is most famous for its level of security.


Opolo is the first foremost wallet for cryptocurrencies in order to utilize the EAR 6+ rated chip. It enhances the more secure the customer crypto accounts and hardware devices which are from EAL1 to EAL5 chips. Opolo is also audited by some of the external companies such as digital security Paris.


CoinSmart is mainly famous for the cryptocurrencies exchange, where customers can buy and sell the available and required bitcoins, UI design for the access for the accounts, and making the crypto payments transactions. CoinSmart is most useful for the trading options in cryptocurrencies.

After the covid19 outbreak, cryptocurrency came into the demand and took market capitalization; most of the countries have taken the major portion of financial capita.


Zenco uses facial recognition software to prevent fraud; the facial login helps secure the complete account during login time. Only facial expressions will work for the account login.

ZenGo has multiple Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDC, and other cryptos to invest the amount. Buying and selling crypto is very easy on this platform. It enables the customers for various countries’ transactions and currency conversion payments.


Coinbase is an American company that can provide remote operations for crypto payments; Coinbase is launched in 2012 year by brian Armstrong and Fred.

By the 2021 year, the bitcoin volume has increased in the united state of America on behalf of the USD dollar. Coinbase is a legal service in the US for trade and currency conversion. It will verify the customer KYC verification before creating the wallet, and then it enables the wallet activation for the various work inside it. A total number of 1,249 employees are working inside it. The wallet is safe and secure for many cryptocurrencies.


Overbit is best for the good UI interface to understand bitcoin and other crypto payment transactions easily. Margin and leverage payment will take very little, and it allows the 100X for crypto and 500X for forex transactions. Overbit is secured in the top place in the crypto payment transactions in the year after 2021 year, and If you are interested in the secured payments, you can opt for Overbite for both crypto and forex payments.

Trezor Model T

Trezor model t wallet is cryptocurrency hardware for bitcoin and other crypto T model secure payment and its next generation of cryptocurrency payments.

Trezor device cost varies in every country, the trezor model T is costly, but it is a good investment for the payment purchase; this is the list of the crypto payments;

  • Bitcoin
  • XRP
  • Bitcoin cash
  • EOS
  • Steller
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • Tron
  • And many other cryptocurrencies

Ledger Nano X

Compared to the other crypto hardware devices, the Ledger Nano X is another level of the crypto device that can make crypto for secure and safe payments. Ledger Nano X is worth to hardware software, it can add multiple crypto payments. It uses safe and super secure payments.

The software can enable the replacement or update the software from time to time for payment transactions.

What is the best multi cryptocurrency wallet?

We suggest using the Exodus wallet for multi-cryptocurrency.

What is the list of cryptocurrency wallets?

There are many number of crypto wallets are available but few of them are secure and safety.

Best cryptocurrency wallet in Nigeria?

Go for Exodus wallet.

Best crypto wallet in India?

CoinSwitch is much better for easy transactions and good UI design for a better understanding of the trade.

What are the top cryptocurrency wallets?

We have listed it in terms of security and safe for transactions and store wallet for trade.

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