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Youtube keyword tool is a suggestion tool, used to discover new keywords for youtube videos that are relevant to youtube users search in youtube. It is simple and direct for everyone to use. Just enter any word or phrase and insert the relevant country then you’ll get enormous amount of keywords. You’ll have to select the appropriate golden ones and add that to your video title or in the description. In simple words this suggestion tool is learning how and what users think. The best way to make this work is by using keyword suggestion tools. This tool will help us know what people type when looking for information. There are plenty of tools that give the exact keywords for videos. We’ll see all of them in the following headings. 

 One of the key tools to capture audience for your youtube videos is to be direct and literal which makes them get the info understand. Likewise we have to understand our audience and create videos. If you couldn’t get your audience, get into the keyword tool world. Keyword tool will make easier for your audience to find you.

Youtube Keyword suggestion tool

 Yes, it is absolutely important for video uploaders to get these keyword suggestion tools. Without the right and apt keyword for your title and description, your video will not be viewed by the audience or users, or your subscribers. It is important for the video uploader to know the right keyword that users use when they want something on youtube. This keyword suggestion tool will help you to get the relevant keywords that are used by the audience in the search bar often.

There are plenty of keyword tools for youtube content uploaders and there are some great extensions for youtube. Let us get into some of the best keyword suggestion tools that are both paid and unpaid (free).

Youtube Keyword tool Free


              Google trends help YouTubers to find hundreds and thousands of keywords that people search on youtube often for stuff. Keywords are gathered by getting keywords from Google autocomplete. This google trends takes keywords from google autocomplete and alters letters and numbers in the keywords and generate new keyword that are relevant and apt to the topics of the video. This process takes only a second. This process doesn’t stop here but also it shows the result of search volumes. Search volumes for the past years are also can be taken from google trends.this was usd by thousands of professionals and by 200 countries. This google trends will show you the actual monthly searched keywords.


              TubeBuddy is helping the YouTubers to extend their browser that inserts the tools directly on top of youtube’s website. It is free to use but for accessing the advanced tools you have to upgrade your account. In this keyword tool, you’ll have a search explorer on the search results. This also shows you the exact search volume, competition, and keyword score out of 100. This result of good search volume and competition will make your video views more. 

                 First, go to the youtube dashboard. Then select Tubebuddy keyword explorer. Then enter a keyword in the bar. Wai for the autocomplete to give you the right keyword. Then you’ll get plenty of words related to your search. Then click on the relevant one and click explore. Then you’ll see score analysis and overall score. Then on the right, below the video search, you’ll have plenty of keyphrases. Pick the right one for your content. 


                VidlQ is said to be the best among the existing keyword tools. First we have to type the term for what we are searching. Then you’ll get plenty of keywords below. Then you’ll also get a related score, search volume, competition score, overall score and etc. this tool will also show you how the channel is doing its performance. There is a feature that is very important for every uploader should get. It suggests you the time when should a video be posted. That is it tells you the time when the subscribers are inactive and tells you to post the video at the best time. A paid account in vidlq will have advanced features and boost your videos every month. 


                Ubersuggest helps the video uploaders on youtube to get head terms and long-tail phrases. This is a free suggestion tool and will get hundreds of suggestions when entered one keyword. Volume, competition, and trending keywords. This also helps us in providing what keywords that our competitors use and what are the things that are working for our competitors and based on what people are typing in the google will also be shown to us by ubersuggest.


               Ahrefs keywords explorer helps us to find search volumes for about 10,000 keywords in one go. It provides us the keywords that matches our phrase or target keyword, gives same terms that contain same idea as in our title, ranks for the keywords in which top ranking users also rank for etc. there are more than thousands of suggested keywords updated every month. Serving 171 countries in keywords. This gives us the exact search volumes up to date. You can also save the keywords for future purposes. Filters can be used to get the right keyword. 


                      Morning fame is a new keyword tool and developing its features one by one. This keyword tool is said to be smarter and more analytic. This gives you the visual indication of your channel like how it is growing, views watch time and subscribers in emoji’s. the keyword tool present in it will give you the right words for your videos and content related. This feature will make your video go higher ranks in youtube. 


This keyword tool is magic in the sense, it gives you the related keywords that are related to your word that you typed in the search bar. First enter into keyword magic tool which is new and enter the keyword related to your video and content. Then you’ll redirect to the page where you will see plenty oof words. You can select the word related to your content and add in your title or description of the video. 


                  Keyword keg is a very comfortable one to use and search for the right keyword. We have to first enter the word in the search bar. Then select the countries, APIs, and result in types. Then you’ll get results that are right for your title and description. This has a special feature that we can also sort and filter by volume, CPC, CTR scope, PPC, etc. then you can export your results, copy and add your keyword to the title of the video, and even tag below the video. Negative keywords can also be deleted from the search results. This feature helps us to focus on the keywords that are very much relevant to us and to the audience. So that you can provide the right and correct keywords to your title. Keyword keg is only available in English and serving to the countries such as Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, United kingdom and United states. The prices of the packs are $38 and $762 per month. There are 48 hours return policy and no free trial. 


Kparser is a keyword suggestion research tool and also a long tail suggestion tool for SEO. Kparser helps the content creator to find potential right words and what the audience needs. There are plenty of keywords from Google, Bing, youtube, Amazon, ebay. This also provides search analytics, smartkeywords and keyword tool. 

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