Best Chrome Extensions for YouTube 2023

Being a YouTuber or video creator, you need to produce elegant content and take them over
social media stages and web portals to make your content reach thousands of viewers.
Nonetheless, every YouTuber faces a situation where their videos are not viewed favourably, and this leads to the dropping of your organic lead number. Well, If you are a YouTuber and if this is relatable, you are in the right place. Internet is a huge world of answers, so there is an option called extensions that can be attached to your Google chrome. This will help you to overcome the blocks and work effectively with your YouTube videos.

Chrome extensions are add-on applications that can be installed into Chrome to improve the
website’s serviceability. The functions can be building new attributes to Chrome and reshaping the current conduct of the application to execute it more comfortable for the customer.
With the help of these extensions, you can perform a few tasks in the easiest way like securing
your data, managing passwords, preventing unnecessary ads popping up that cover the website content, customizing the data usage and space optimization, and many more authentic features.

Here are the best chrome extensions that every YouTube user must be aware of:


TubeBuddy is the most favourite YouTube extension of YouTubers that works as a managing
device to channelize the videos, giving it an ideal requirement for YouTube videos. This
combines a band of various services of YouTube like it gives an option to find and replace
highlights to refresh the information, group forms, links, and recommendations over the videos.

Tubebudyy for free


This is a chrome extension certified by YouTube itself. As a YouTuber, you need powerful
rational areas to promote versed review notes that give outcomes. Ranging from Dealing with
comments on YouTube to the grade of your channel over search engines. VidIQ will enable you to manage your channel more productively. The functions include offering an auditing tool that confers video insights. This feature helps in promoting the channel on a great number of platforms. It also gives a record based on video grading functionality. The rate foretells the possibilities of your video gaining position in the most recommended videos. It provides a boost to your SEO.



Screencastify packs in many characteristics to take screenshots and recordings of the screen.
Every trait, yet, is not involved in its lite account like it hardly videotapes 20-minute videos by using canva premium. It’s easy to work with and contributes the peculiarities like, Tapes a particular tab in your browser or the whole workstation display. It generates various videos of different networking options with audio and enables you to store them regionally. It supports conserving the data to Google Drive and posting instantly on YouTube.


The loom is one of the most comfortable extensions used by content creators of YouTube. The extension enables you to seize, detail, and directly distribute the videos over YouTube. It grants three opportunities to film the video, Screen plus cam, use Screen alone, and use cam alone. In the Screen plus cam method, you can videotape the screen simultaneously with a tiny camera ring to associate with other users instantly. It allows you to record for hours. There’s no restriction on the period. Loom gives protected storage for 25 videos. It provides an alternative for video cropping and video merging.

Magic Actions:

Magic Action is an easily accessible and flexible extension, which has more than 20 lakh users.
You can use Mouse Wheel to adjust the sound. It shows video ranks, hides page components, Avoids country limitations on videos The Effective Backlight characteristic renders a
comfortable aura that sets the climate for a show evening. The Auto HD speciality enables videos at any wanted presentation up to high definitions.

Smart Pause:

Smart Pause is a notable and modern Chrome extension for YouTube. What it does, is it instantly pauses the video if you exit the tab and continues the video over when you get back to the tab. So, if you regularly attend to drop out on videos because you ought to open a separate tab, Smart Pause is the ideal accessory to guarantee you never refrain from a video while also continuing to work on other things. In my experience, Smart Pause was very good at seizing the video and playing the video spontaneously.


By using the Replug extension, you can build a marked link for each video you desire or
want, be it your personal or just a different video you want to deal with. By ticking the blue colour button, you’ll be capable to mark your link right on. This is beneficial for generating a
remarkable link that can be assembled with comfort, presenting it more straightforward to yield your videos anytime.


Invideo is a simple extension with only 370 KB size and permits an exclusive video exploration
to hop to the wanted section of the video. This distinct extension will conserve plenty of time
when it comes to discovering the specific portion of the video you are watching. Viewers can
skip instantly to their chosen sector of the discussion, news show, a conversation, serial, movie, etc.

Turn off the lights:

If you are the person who utilizes YouTube for solely relaxation motives, this extension will
improve the watching activity for you. It holds Auto extended convention of video viewing. It
has the advantage to execute the screen opaque when the user taps the start option. Viewers can pick a video feature up to Ultra HD. It has a characteristic of airy brightness that gives
luminosity look throughout the player.


SmartVideo is one of the top-rated extensions that can tackle low network issues. If you reside in an area that has a low bandwidth, where your video keeps loading for hours, SmartVideo is the best choice. It has a feature that can control the video buffering where you will be able to take control of the buffering. You can compose the extensions to avoid waiting, but instead, starts loading the YouTube video as soon as you click on it. It also plays the video automatically when the video is completely loaded. Along with this buffer control, it provides us with features like playing videos on repeat mode, customizing video player settings, and quality settings.

Conclusion for best chrome extension

While as an extensive message, the matter is abundant out there on YouTube solely. This has
been prevailing to the degree that we have evolved to encompass the point that you can own a substitute answer to our usual obstacles. Even if you are an established YouTube or just a beginner who is growing to learn things about videos by choosing YouTube as a stage, these extensions of chrome are unquestionably decent supplements to your kit. You can utilize any of these extensions to ranging standards while
operating YouTube.

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