How To Use Custom T-Shirts For Your Marketing Campaign

There is a reason why marketers agree that logoed t-shirts make for a great marketing campaign tool! And that’s not only because they are usable and look good, but because of various other reasons such as:  

  • They have long-staying power, and your customers will likely keep them for some time.
  • They are a walking billboard, and given their longevity, their return on investment and cost per impression is impressive! 
  • They enhance brand recall as most customers would remember new brands that gave them t-shirts vs. those that did not. 
  • Etc. 

Given all these benefits and more, it’s not a surprise that you’re here looking for ways you can leverage this high-performing tool in your next marketing campaign.  

With that said, here are some ways you can use custom t-shirts to improve your marketing campaign:  

Dress Staff In T-Shirts

So you’ve launched your products and found the best t-shirt printing company to print your logoed t-shirts; now what? Well, the next thing you can do is to have your staff wear these t-shirts as their work uniform if you have a physical store or office. Ensure that your logo is prominent and on both sides of the t-shirt. 

If you want customers to visit your website too, or if that is where they will get more information on your products or services, have it featured on your t-shirt. Doing this enables your staff to advertise your company while at work, distributing fliers, or attending business events.  

Hold A Contest

Do you know what can grab your audience’s attention besides a t-shirt? A contest! And pairing the two can create one of the most powerful marketing tools you can make.  

If you’d like to change your logo or you’re a new business wanting to get your market aware of who you are, consider holding a t-shirt design competition. Encourage people in your target market to participate by using social media platforms where they are. Post an announcement on your website and social media profile so that people know your event is happening.  

After you’ve chosen the winner at the event, it’s time to start showing off your winner and their design, which also doubles as marketing for your brand. The best thing in all this is that it’s easy for contests of any kind to travel organically within your market segment.

Head To Tradeshows

Trade shows are some of the best platforms to show off your brand and boost its familiarity amongst potential clients. Many go there because a tradeshow is one big show that showcases all the brands present. You’ll have other brands’ social power work to bring people within your vicinity, and you better use that opportunity well.  

If you have a booth, make sure everyone manning it has a custom t-shirt with your logo on it. But even if you do not have a booth, this strategy will still work if you wear your t-shirts as you network and interact with other companies and customers.  

Should you meet a promising prospect, collect their contact details for follow-ups. And with that follow-up, you might even send a logoed t-shirt with the just-ended trade show as context. This a great way to be unforgettable to a potential client and turn them into a paying customer.

Sponsor An Event

Besides heading to tradeshows, if you have the budget, you can consider using your t-shirts while sponsoring an event. The bigger the event, the better. While that means you have to pay huge amounts in event sponsorship and printing t-shirts, you’ll continue to reap the benefits as your customers wear the t-shirts and market your business.  

Customers tend to give their friends or relatives the t-shirts you give them, which is great as it increases your reach beyond the specific people who came to the event.  

If you sponsor an event, consider giving attendants t-shirts as a ‘thank you’ for attending. You’ll continue to enjoy the benefits long after you’ve earned your principal investment back.   


Custom t-shirts are some of the most powerful tools to add to your marketing arsenal, and there are many ways for you to use them to your advantage. The four ways listed in this article are meant to just kick-start your creative juices. Hopefully, you will come up with more context-specific ways to market your products or services. What platform or method will most likely resonate with the customer base you sell to? Get digging and hit all your sales targets!

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