Seven digital marketing tools every small business should use

Small businesses require all the assistance they can get. Building a reputation for oneself in a competitive industry and earning widespread recognition is no easy task. Brands can’t afford to wait for satisfied consumers to start mentioning and suggesting their products or services to others, even though word-of-mouth advertising is effective and remains one of the best kinds of marketing that any company could hope for.

For businesses interested in expanding their consumer base via digital means, digital marketing is a dynamic area with plenty of room for growth. No company can take on this task successfully without access to a wide range of digital marketing resources. Here are some of the best internet tools for small businesses to streamline their marketing efforts, from website builders to email platforms to marketing automation systems.


This website is essential for any size business today. If you want to make a great website without having to learn how to code, Wix is one platform that has one of the smoothest and easiest user interfaces to use. Hundreds of themes are at your disposal, and the drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to incorporate several design components, such as text, image galleries, and video, into your website.

You might also set up a booking system, online store, or members’ area, depending on the nature of your business. In addition, a mobile-friendly version of your website is included at no extra cost. If you want to make additional adjustments for smaller displays, you can do so with the mobile editor, which is as intuitive to use as the rest of your site.


Squarespace is an alternative website builder worth looking into. It’s a terrific tool if you’re aiming to expand your business rapidly, and it’s beneficial for startups and practical for well-established companies. Pick one of its award-winning, customizable, industry-specific themes to showcase your work or products. It also offers robust blogging tools to get you started on your blog, which is an integral part of any effective digital marketing strategy.


The “brand success platform” that Loomly promotes is a useful resource for social media teams of any size who need to better manage their content creation process.  Scheduling and content ideation are simplified by the integrated calendars, deadlines, and workflows. Loomly also monitors Twitter for content trends and user feedback to generate new ideas for users.

The UI is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for people who aren’t as comfortable with technology. Those who are just starting out or working for smaller firms may appreciate the platform’s low price.


Speaking of the availability of customized templates and various services across the same platform, it would be a shame to forget PosterMyWall. It has various templates for multiple categories of branding items and offers incredible managing tools for social media while serving as an excellent email marketing platform. The services sell themselves. 


Appointment scheduling has never been easier than with Calendly, a web-based service that doesn’t cost a dime. Millions of people already rely on it, so it’s a safe bet that you can utilize it as a reliable internet marketing tool to arrange demos for potential customers or internal meetings for your staff. If you plan on using it to set up appointments with potential or existing clients, embedding it on your company website is a smart move that will enhance your clients’ entire experience.

Overall, it can be an excellent asset for cost-conscious small enterprises. It’s essentially a virtual assistant because it can automate menial activities like sending follow-up emails.


With a focus on landing page trials, Optimizely combines graphic development and audience targeting capabilities for rapid testing across several user subsets.

With a no-code platform, you can easily test both large and little changes to your pages, making it easier to fine-tune your site for performance.


Yoast is an excellent resource if you’re looking for SEO assistance. As a leading content marketing technique, it aids website owners in attracting more visitors via search engines. It’s primarily designed for WordPress sites, although it also provides a Shopify product that can assist with technical SEO improvements and product page optimization. As a bonus, it offers a video SEO plugin that can help you increase search traffic to your website’s videos and ensure they’re compatible with any device’s screen size.

Bottom Line

Moving on with time is the only way we can ensure the success of any business, big or small. Digital marketing is slowly but surely taking the reign as today’s only form of marketing. Hence, it is essential that we quickly get acquainted with these tools to ensure that the success of our business is not compromised. The digital tools mentioned above can be helpful for any small business because they operate well, are incredibly cost-effective, and are ideal for ventures that cannot afford considerable expenses in their early stages. 

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