Best Eye Catchy headlines examples and 5 Catchy blog titles

Catchy headlines

More than an article, headlines matter. Your article gets attraction by the catchy headline you are going to crown to your writing. You also will agree, while going thought any news or advertisement, some you skip and some no matter what the matter is its headline is so attractive that you feel like to read or check out once. Did you ever think why advertisement has the most catchy blog titles, or you can say rhythmic lines because the main point of the bran is to attract customer. so if you want to pull people attention towards your writing, It can be a blog, advertisement, article or many more? So let’s check figure out what points need to keep an eye on while making an attractive headline.

Points needed to keep in mind

A writer always thinks about the script, and minute things about the character but forgot about the most impact-full element, which is the smallest but plays the most crucial role.  And once we start thinking about the topic name, then you will feel more than the inside matter than topic or tagline what we say in hashtag language is more trouble maker. It takes a long and long time to get a satisfied and perfect fit headline. 

So to make it more attractive, no grammatical mistakes, eye-catchy titles so that people come to your site just by your site. All you have to go through some points, which will help you to get maximin people on your page. So, what are the issues let’s check out?

Points needed to keep in note to make attractive headlines:

  • Use number as your best weapon.
  • Emotional elements.
  • Think from audience brain and show something unique.
  • Questions are always attractive.
  • A promise to keep
  1. Your weapon, your number

Assume you have ten candies and you want to sell it. So how you going to sell it. But saying I have some sweets for 10 dollars or ten candies for 10 rupees? By reading only, you will be getting the difference. This is how numbers affect us. People mind get more attracted to the number instead of just words. That way you will find in 90 per cent of the article with number’s like five most beautiful things, ten things needed to be experienced and many more.

But one more thing doesn’t overuse the numbers, how much effective it looks that much ugly it will become if you overuse or use it for everything. If your articles having a point and things which you think can make a place for itself or can be considered as the point, then you can go for it otherwise try for other catchy headlines examples.

Eye catchy headlines Examples

  • Four best things try before you die.
  • Ten tips for living happily.
  • Five stories you should read.
  • Emotional elements

Emotions are like a triggering button. The mind gets automatically attracted to the thing which it is facing. People get attracted to something which they are facing in the present time, or you can say they like the items which match their mood. So, if your article can relate to any emotions, don’t leave a chance to reflect it on your headline.

Let’s see what emotion adjectives you can reflect to describe your reads problem.

  • Fun
  • Free
  • Essential
  • Incredible
  • Absolute
  • Stranger
  • Effortless
  • Pain
  • Sorrow
  • And many more.


  • Deadly things around you.
  • Love has its world.
  • Stranger things.
  • Free your fears.
  • Think from audience mind and bring something unique.

Generosity is one of the best things with which a person can relate to you. So while creating a piece of the image using canva, you need to think viewers point of view. It would be best if you were loyal to things. The cake is what awake craving, not the icing. Like that in the core be true or keep some words which make the heading itself a plot.

Let’s discuss some words which you can use to make the heading itself a plot.

  • Principles
  • Reasons
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Secrets
  • Tricks
  • Facts

*things you should not write please, kindly and many more. It makes the audience lose interest.


  • Ways to live life happy.
  • Tricks to solve tricks.
  • Secrets of living with self-respect.
  • Facts never you thought off.

Catchy blog titles

4. Questions are always attractive.

The question always triggers the mind. A topic that comes with the problem is just hitting the challenge to the mind. And that why in search of the solution, or answer what your min is thinking is correct or not. For this curiosity, people will come to check the site. And that is what you want.

Question words you can use to make things catchy are:

  • Why
  • How
  • When
  • Why not
  • Can

Catchy Headlines Examples:

  • How to clean shoes with toothpaste?
  • Why do you need to do the necessary things?
  • How to double your happiness?
  • Do you ever experience jealousy?
  • A promise to keep

Sound cheesy? But this is how it works. Everyone in some corner of mind search for a commitment. Not only in a relationship but even in brand, things you are provided wit, food- how it’s looking in menu book, dress – how it’s looking online should come alike. Is all they promise which a seller does Is satisfying or not makes a lot of difference. So, what you are showing in the headline should justifying the matter inside than only the thing will work.

Try to attract, seduce your audience with your cheesy or bold words. But don goes to over-promising, as you can’t provide that much. That will make a negative impact on your site.


  • Six lies you cant avoid.
  • Ten days and you will be fine.
  • The expert’s guide to weight loss.

Words play a significant role in communication, how you dance with it. Is all about the success. Write simple things, go for mind-boggling topics and make that string the headlines which will make reader satisfy and they wish to read more from you. for all that you headline needed to be called to action. And the above points are surely going to help you. We hope you the best for your try.

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