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For any startup, you need first to get your self-identity, and for the identity, you need to spread your brand and business. For that email, hosting is one of the best tools. So for selection below are some of the free email hosting services with its feature were provide, so that you can choose according to your relevance and get success in your targets. 

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Best free email domain hosting

Zoho mail

Zoho mail is one of the most loved free email hosting providers. It approves a wide range of services and is user-friendly too they also claim for free they are the best free CRM too.  Let’s check out the features in brief points.

  • It allows you to create a maximum up to 25 different addresses at a single domain.
  • The above feature is free.
  • Space provided the host is 5 GB.
  • Can be accessed in the laptop as well as mobile.
  • You can even access through email.

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Up to 25 email addresses. The app is available for mobile too. The space provided is 5 GB. Excellent administrative interface.   No bridge between social media. 

GMX Mail

GMX mail is one of the powerful free custom domains for email hosting solution.  It offers a fair amount of space. You even can say it gives you unlimited inbox space—attachment up to 50 MB it provides.


  • App gives unlimited inbox space.
  • Attachment up to 50 MB.
  • Can be used in a web-based but the back draw is the app is clogged with the advertisement.
  • Works in mobile app too.
  • User friendly it is to use.
  • It gives the option of auto-responses that triggered when a customer sends as email.

Let’s check out the pros and cons.

Ample amount of space.Can access through both computer and mobile too. The automatic response is available.It allows us to have a link with Facebook.The app is filled with too much advertisement.

Yandex Mail

It is one of the best free email hosting providers. It gives several incentives which will help you to spread your business. things you must know about free Edu mail. Let’s check out some of the coolest features.

  • It provides you up to 1000 individual accounts at your domain.
  • Provides you with unlimited mailbox storage.
  • Gives 10 GB of cloud storage.
  • Attachments were provided with a limit of 25GB.
  • The attachment, if found larger, automatically uploaded to the cloud and send as download links.
  • It provides you with a number of different themes.
  • Is customizable.
  • Allow you to merge Yandex Mail into a single inbox.
  • Back draw is the app is weak for filtering.
Provides 1000 accounts.Unlimited mailbox storage. 10 GB cloud storage.Options for filtering mail is weak sometimes.


Migadu is a sober and straightforward suite for email hosting. It offers many features.  It provides an unlimited email address at your custom domain. Let’s check out the decent but useful features provided by the app. 

  • It has unlimited number of email at the domain.
  • Above option allows you to switch services easily in growth terms.
  • The app allows loading quickly than many other hosting services.
  • It is a comfortable setting of mails.
  • The inboxes storage limit is 1 GB; it is a bit back draw.
  • The app works in stripped-down web client version or opts to forward your email to another account.
Provides unlimited email address at the custom domain.Privacy maintained. It is advanced in the spam filter, an advantage over the previous application.No mobile and desktop application. Mailbox limit is too less; it’s offering just 1GB storage.

Gmail and ImprovMX

Fed up by managing personal and business purpose email application. Want to access both in one only. This app will help you with this. It allows you to merge business sent to your personal Gmail and you don’t have to sign in in any free hosting site.


  • The app use server which helps aliases to automatically forward email which was sent to an address at your domain name.

Best for startup person. As easy to access.

Let’s check out the pros and cons:

Easy setup, suitable for startups.Good customer support.Offer 24*7.Well integrated with Gmail.Restrict in many terms. Limited functionality for multiple users. Proper Installation problem.

Some other almost free email hosting are :

Free email hosting services

One of the free and best hosting services. It avails you of a fair amount of security and other features. The site gives free domain names for a year, POP3, and IMAP security for unlimited emails. Let’s check out some features offered by the site:

  • Free office mailbox for the first month. Exactly 365 mailboxes will be offered.
  • Almost more than $100 advertising credit with Google and Bing
  • Gives you three webmail solution security to secure your emails.
  • Disk space is provided up to 50 GB.

Rating is 4.8stars.


It provides free domain and email account. Gives unlimited bandwidth, disk space, parts and many more.

Let’s check out some features offered by the site:

  • Gives free site transfer and domain registration for the first year.
  • The site has a free online store.
  • A site has free site building tools.
  • Nearby $200 ad credits for the market site.

Rating is 4.8 stars.


One of the highest-rated sites and most popular and the rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

 So, let’s check out the features which make it so lovable.

  • It provides free software for
    • Webmail
    • Newsletters
    • Contact forms
    • List management
    • Spam filtering
  • Provides unlimited inbox storage and autoresponders.
  • Give a massive discount.

Keep you secure as have the option of secure POP3, IMAP, and SMTP messaging.

There are many peoples who are still dependant on a temporary email. The above tools will help you with your business. And help you to reach the desired height. The above email hosting services are some of the best services and come with no cost. So you can try and choose which one is profitable for you.?

How does web hosting work with email g suite legacy free?

It is completely based on the trial period.

Godaddy free how many emails with hosting?

Based on the plans that you’re purchasing

Godaddy how to add a free email with hosting?

You can check the detailed information on the Cpanel dashboard.

What are the best free options for hosting email?

The options are listed above.

How to do free email hosting for business?

Avail some premium services, initially, they offer free up to a certain time and later they charge but service is good and best.

How can i get free email hosting?

Yes, Use the above anyone service.

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