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Best free CRM: Free customer relationship management software is widely preferred by businessmen, which can be small or big. The software is usually used by the businessman when they feel they need to organized and make business flow effective. One more reason to opt for the CRM is to tackle issues while maintaining positive customer relationships.

How can CRM help?

Customer Management can build as well as improve client relationships using built-in help to track leads and also forecast sales. It also helps in managing vis project management tools which will help auto mask and sort tasks among employees. Apart from this marketing team can attract customers using email marketing and marketing automation tools. The sales team can get benefit from the CRMby its sales automation tools: as in this case, once the user enters an appointment into the virtual calendar, some system can immediately schedule phone calls, follow up emails and also take care of other monotonous details.

Best free CRM

CRMS helps in improving

  • CRMs help to enhance communication between business and their customer.
  • Help in companies personalizes their outreach strategies so that that customer can feel special.
  • The services of the CRM tools like live chat, conversational notes, and conversation inboxes help you to reach the customer quickly.
  • CRMs are user-friendly and provide sleek interfaces with the easy to learn technique.
  • Companies find new it easy to work with CRM, as they find more production growth, as employees quickly get adapt to the new system.
  • CRM helps in targeting time and energy more efficiently and help for better communication with each other.

Points needed to check before choosing Best Free CRM.

  1. Need for CRM you have to figure out what the CRM can tackle the problem. Is it able to find the solution of trouble you are with customer contact information, or overwhelmed spreadsheet?
  2. Have your search – as you will find many CRMs which will look like offering the same basic features with a minute variation. Just have to dive down to get the knowledge of differences of standard features going to be apt for you.
  3. Check the paid plan – for the initial you might prefer for the free, but later on to make things healthy and right. You need to keep a check on the paid one and its benefits too, so while switching from free to paid you will be clear about the things.
  4. CRMs vendor’s strong suit- try to find a good one, if you want to focus on sales & marketing, you will have to search for a CRM which will offer you more advanced tools for the teams which will include customer service and tools in its free plan.
  5. Review the vendor’s training resources- everything depends on the feedback and review.  Check the review and feedback. It will let you know which one is user friendly.

Let’s go to some best free CRM software, and check out which one is good. The detailed information is available for the best free crm software based on the user rating.

Best free crm software

Zoho CRM (rating 4.3)

The most preferred site. It is best for all things. It is suitable for entrepreneurs and small sales teams wanting a comprehensive CRM to manage customers. It’s mainly famous for its free live chat tool. Got a rating of 4.35 out of 5. 


  • It gives individual customization options.
  • It is good with accounts and deal management.
  • Best with the workflow automation tools, which make it more preferable.


  • The free plan will be supported to 3 users only.
  • A feature like sales forecasting is accessed by only paid members.
  • 5 task only can be supported for the free plan. 

Features offered:

  • The best feature offered by the Zoho is a free marketing automation tool for free, mostly this feature is paid in other sites.
  • Email template and email authentication tools will be avail.
  • Custom list of view.
  • It includes web visitors tracking system, which saves visitors differentiate them by leads and sales pipes.

Free works (rating 4.1)

Try this for its free forever startup plan to get you started in the world of CRM. It is also famous for unlimited Tech Support.  The fresh work CRMs free plan offers and the most lovable feature is to keep your contracts and deals organized.   It gives a lot of lots of parts, and that makes it different from other sites. Let’s check out the features provided by the CRMs. 


  •  It gives the lead to scoring and insights. 
  • The gives role-based record access feature.
  • Customer services are available for 24 hours all the five working days.
  • Provided Mobile Apps.
  • Able to manage well in the task, appointment, and notes management/


  • The new sales provide intuitive drag and drop user interface.
  • It gives you access to highly rated customer services.
  • Support lead scoring and automation.


  • It doesn’t include sales forecasting.
  • Pipelines tool-less robust compare to the paid version.
  • It somewhat lacks in advanced reporting.


It gives unlimited user cap. It is a mobile application. It offers a user-friendly free CRMs for sales teams with various tools. Tools they offer are contact management, live chat, social media ads, conversational bots and many more.  Les check out the features given by HubSpot:

  • Email tracking option will be given.
  • Features like Integrated live chat software will be provided.
  • Custom support form field will be provided.
  • Deal tracking is one of the best features will be avail.
  • Ad management support.


  • One of the trusted CRMs has 1 million contacts.
  • Featuring extensive tutorials.
  • They are also featuring an online knowledge base.
  • User friendly.


  • No direct customer support or service.
  • It gives a limited number of documents, as added per account.
  • The paid plan is a bit expensive.

Best free crm for real estate

Even, more best CRM is available for the real estate under budget price and some more available at free cost, most of them offer free trial initially, and later on it will little bit cost as per the convenience. Some of the best CRM is available for real estate under budget price like how they do it at the apartments for rent in Lubbock and some more available at free cost, most of them offer free trial initially, and later on it will cost little bit as per the convenience. Those who interested in the best free CRM for real estate can check the above CRM software.

Other best CRMs are:

  • Fro live chat tools

Zendesk, JivoChat,

  • For useful software purpose :

Agile CRM, Bitrix24

  • For knowledge-based apps:

OpenKM, Zendesk Guide.

What is the best free CRM?

Zoho, Hubspot, and freshdesk are best in the market.

What is the best free CRM for small business?

Zoho much better than others.

What is the best and easiest free CRM?


Which is the best free CRM app?

Above list are available in app version too.

What is the best free CRM that integrates with retail?

Zoho and freshdesk can work in the retail market business.

What is the best free CRM software?

Try Zoho and freshdesk.

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