Top Mistakes in Amature Blog Must Avoid in Making Amateur Blog

Make an art which is either makes you famous or becomes a reason for your profitable. Blogging is a place where you can make listening to your words to the people. The terms which are raising about any issue, place where you are selling something or voice which want to reach users to show their art.  

But maximum people fail because they are not attractive, professional or might be not able to portrait well what they thought off. Eventually, in a single line, readers find your article naïve, or if they get attracted too and open your site, they won’t find the thing what they want. And unfortunately, they start searching for something in your competitive area.

From amateur blogger mistakes only we learn. I appreciate you that at least you started, you came out of the cocoon and tried to get into the real things. By taking a baby step, falling, learning to form your mistakes, you will surlily excel in the field and start using some best blogging tools. To make it happen, let’s check the errors many of them to which reflect you as an amateur blogger. And that creates the huddles. By knowing and understanding the mistakes, you are doing; you will come to know the areas where you have to polish the mature blog.

Not only the pattern of writing, from taking domain to investment, every minute steps you have to observe and learn. So, let’s check out some mistakes done by every amateur while making blogs.

Let’s stepwise 

  1. Free domain

Of course, one who is new in blogging and not sure about how it’s going to be further. Hesitate to invest money in it. But that becomes the biggest mistake for the amateur blogger. For learning purpose, it’s okay. But if you think you want to be serious in this field, you need to invest.

Even if you lot of hard work on the free domain, you will not get any result.


  • You can’t have control over the domain.
  • Unfriendly SEO, as free domain doesn’t work well, it doesn’t show indexes in search engine properly.

Now let’s find out how a custom domain can help you.

Switching to custom from free will show you a lot of difference. It will give you the exposure that you work need and registering your unique domain name should leave a mark of your existence on the online platform.

  • The custom domain gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with the blog.
  • Many tools will be provided.
  • You can establish your brand as it will be unique.

One of the crucial things. If you are using free hosting and you know you are using it, it is the biggest mistake you are committing. OK, hosting is essential for any blogger. It’s the same like domain. You will get less recognition, how hard you work.

The disadvantage of the free domain:

  • You will have less control over the amateur blog.
  • The main back draw about the free hosting is, if the company shuts you will lose all your data.

Some good hosting sites are Siteground, being paid to host it is pocket friendly and provide unique features.

  • Amature Blog design not up to the mark

Here also the same thing if you are using free themes, thin just you are wasting your art. As free sites don’t give your art an apt look. And many times there will be chances that the sites get the hack. We know that investing money in all the things when you are just taking the first steps is a tough call. But when we want to go far, we have to take the risk. Let’s check out the advantage of the premium themes.

Advantages of premium:

  • The premium theme looks classy.
  • The appearance matters a lot, and for free, it doesn’t look fascinating, but premium theme gives your writing a professional look.
  • The premium theme has good SEO Optimization, which is missing in free.
  • The premium theme gives you the freedom to operate, and you can customize the page in your way.

Some good premium theme is –

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra Pro
  • Elegant Theme
  • Blog distribution

You took the right domain, excellent. You took an OK hosting, and you are using it quite well, nice. You even wrote a perfect piece and represented it well, satisfied. But still not getting the attention of the audience? You know why. Let me tell you where you are lacking off.

You made a beautiful piece, but you didn’t share it. Them how readers will know you. Keeping something to you, speed optimisation, and expecting that appreciation will come by itself. Is something not possible? You have to advertise; you have to spread it how much you can. Let’s list some point how you can distribute it, and reach the maximum audience.  

Distribution strategies:

  • Share your work on social media like Facebook, Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can show your talent. And the response also comes quite well. 
  • Optimize for search- SEO plays a vital role. If you don’t know about it better, go for some short courses which will give you about SEO. Because in blogging, it plays a too essential role. 
  • Build an email list – make a platform where users can come up for suggestion, feedback and appreciation. An official messenger where people can reach you. 
  • Copying or no consistency

Copying not give any profit while writing in the test only. Then thinking that it will benefit you in the online field, is one of the foolish things you are doing. People who are in this field read much more than you think. And they know it copied or not. And the something which is before only on ranking, why again it will give any remark to you. So be It original or mould anything which you like, but merely copying is not going to work at all.

In reference, you can give credit to copyright. But the content taking from a blog is unacceptable. So keep it original. Try to show your thoughts, opinion, good-bad, authentic or unauthentic comes afterwards. Just make sure you are coming up with that original that plagiarism also shows it unique.


This one is also a back draw; people write when they are in the mood. And after that, they will be forgotten for months. People leave it, and again one fine day they feel about writing again it will affect. But you need to know, good or bad. You have to keep your blog alive. Keeping, so the gap will not let you gain anything. Think about it, and try to load one blog a day for sure.

Now let’s go a bit deeper, a bit technical. 

  • Overlook of blog

The blog will be attracted when it has a catchy headline. Then once they come to your site, them the important and thing which needed to be focused are

Your content should match and satisfy your headline. The better you do; the more people will love you. Just don’t mismatch the content and the headline and content. This mistake most of the people in initial time do. They keep a catchy headline, but the content is not up to the headline, then the impression will be lost, and your blog will get a negative effect. So, once you want to make a good amateur blog and want the audience to love it, give it your 100 percentage and original. So that people visited again and again.

  • It isn’t effortless!

Could you keep it simple? All I can say. Most of the time, with the excitement of sharing the newbie, wrote the article and filled it with an excess of information. This is the biggest mistake anyone make. When you register, make it short and straightforward. Users want to know about the things that you are informing about,  but they don’t have time to dive too deep into the information. All readers need is an overlook of the subject.

Keeping that in mind, write the blog. Given points which need to be considered not to make it complicated.

  • Express more in fewer words.
  • Try to make catchy headlines. It should not be of the single word not so long like a paragraph.
  • While keeping the image, go for single line explanation.
  • SEO and other tools are all you should learn to use; it’s just like your weapons.
  • Keep the theme light and attractive. If possible, search for the theme match to your blog.
  • Ignore List Building

 Ignoring list building will let you regret afterwards. If you are a influencer, you should start building an working email list.  The email list will help you to distribute your amateur blog to a large amount of audience. It will be a bit frustrating as many times your mail will be going to stay in audience spam and promotional tab.

But it would help if you continued so that you can spread your blog to maximum reach.

  • Backlinks building

Backlinks are to support your amateur blogs. But using it over will fade your blog. First, let the blog be pure with your original ideas, and after an average of 100 blogs, go for backlinks. And from high to low sites, cover every backline so that it will be good for both.

  1. Media trafficking

Every blogger desire for the traffic, but it’s challenging to get that.  Initial you won’t get, but with consistency and following all the tools. You can achieve it. You need to hold patience. There were different ways; SEO is one of the best things to focus; it will bring you trafficking. 

  1. Just spreading your content

It’s the world of giving and take. The more you do for others, it will come back to you to for sure. Initially, anyone, any blogger will try to share their work only. If you are doing that, it’s natural. But now try to avoid that mistake. If you share the amateur blogs of it become a chain and if will help you and others also t flourish in this field.

You can share your and other content on the following platform:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube- if you are a vlogger.
  • Instagram.
  • Snapchat
  • And many more.
  1. Linking or not

Linking and helping other bloggers post will help you to have a good result. In many initial bloggers are not aware of things. But here also give and take rule works. Link for supporting others and you can link advertisement form to which will help you for earning.

  1.   Should invest or not?

Any initial anyone will fear to invest money. As you are a new bud, you surely will step back to stake your money in blogging, as you will be not sure about it. But trust me if you are serious and thinking to continue in this field you surely should invest or take a premium version of something. And why? Let’s check out some points:

  • The premium version will help you to get a polished look.
  • It gives you many features, which will help you to learn things.
  • Some on the tools on which you should invest are:
    • Grammarly– will help you to tackle grammar and spelling mistake. (it’s actually for me only, as I make a tremendous mistake).
    • Thrive, Architect – for designing your amateur blog.
    • Canva – for making your blog with the perfect picture.
    • SEMrush– best for SEO, and bring up you the best keyword which will help you for trafficking.

We learn from our mistakes. No one is perfect but not trying is worse than anything. So, blog, let your voice reach audience. And when you think you can do better, or you want to be better. Just go for the tips given above, which will help you to make your blog looks professional, and you don’t have to get rejected just because your blog looks like an amateur blog.

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