Time Saving Best Blogging Tools You Need To Use for Productive Work

Best Blogging Tools: Are you looking for the tools, where you want to minimize the effort on various work on blogging area’s, If yes.!!!, then you’re in the right place for accessing best blogging tools in the internet industry. These tools help minimize your effort and saving a lot of time. Blogging is booming industry of every year and it has a good future for Digital Marketers, who are working on the various niches. We’ve listed some of the very important tools which are regularly used to minimize the human effort.

Blogging is not easy for everyone, it has many ups and downs as per trending mark. Bloggers have to update their skills and knowledge according to the current blogging industry. Creativity, productivity plays a key role in the blogging industry. Well, in this post, we are added industry top amazing productivity tools for bloggers, where is applicable in each and every small work.

Each tool is designed for particular work, where it works as per instructions like we called automation, for example: “Pomorodo” is a tool where it alerts the user for every 25 minutes as break time, this tool helps to regain the energy and helps in focus on work.

Need more such a automation tools, then why you’re waiting for, Let’s look into the amazing tools.

We’ve categorized tools in three modes, which are;

  1. WordPress themes tools
  2. WordPress plugins tools
  3. Hosting tools

Access Premium Tools for Free

Most of the bloggers are focusing on website design instead of content creation, Do you think the website really matters.?? No, Site design does not matter for engagement or ranking factors.

The How to Choose the Themes, Plugins, and hosting.?? , Well, good question.?

  • Theme: Theme is set of files and it has various graphical representation elements. While starting any new niche, choose the lite-weighted theme for better loading speeding and easy navigation and avoid the heavy/large size files theme. Example: Select Genesis theme (recommended) and it works like charm.
  • Plugins: It is like a Addon for theme features, means you’re adding an additional feature to blog. Examples: Yoast SEO, Wordfence, Jetpack, WP Fastest cache, Akismet, Elementor pro for separate works.
  • Hosting: Storage in one place, named “Server”, it helps to access the blog or website across the World wide. Hosting providers are; DO, Google, Linode, Fastcomet, Vultr, AWS, and Cloudways.

What is best blogging tools, how it helps on the GROWING of blog.? Well, Think WordPress blog is like an EMPTY room and plugins like addons, and hosting is a land of files storage.

In some case, tools like regular activity which helps the blog to grow up. for blog growing purpose “blogging tools” is very important and plays a vital role. Let’s look at the “Important best blogging tools“. Before starting, you must and should aware every tool has a unique usage and use it accordingly.

There are THREE types of best blogging tools are available;

  1. WordPress blogging tools
  2. Mobile blogging tools
  3. Professional blogging tools

WordPress Blogging Tools

The WordPress blogging tools are important for the addition of each feature, use some of the tools for the optimize the WordPress blog and other tools are important for productivity improvement.

QuoraFinding Trends Topics
BuzzSumoContent Research
Quick SproutInsights
Post Title GeneratorGenerate Post Titles
Social NetworksEngage with Social Users
EvernoteMake every note on cloud
Google CalendarAdd Schedule
Google AnalyticsBlog insights
TodoistSchedule Tasks
AsanaWork with Team
SlackTeam Chat & Work Schedule
DropboxStorage Files on Cloud
Google DriveStore everything
Tool that you used for productivity

For Topics Generation

  • Google Trends

Google trends give an idea of current topics, which are currently searching across the world, pick up the “Best” keyword from them, and write an article on it.

-> Search with any topic name and check the trends from last 7 days.

  • Twitter Trends

There are slightly different in Twitter Trends as compared to the Google Trends. These trends topics are unique as per current situation in outside. Mostly these topics NOT helps in the traffic generation but some where it helps for the alternative ideas of content.

  • Youtube Trends

The unique view of content generation from Latest YT Videos, Those who’re YouTubers, they can easily use these trend topics and work accordingly. Make sure that, your way of presentation topics is much better than other competitive videos.

Keyword Analysis

Ahref Tool: One of the fantastic tools for the All In One for various options and features in it. You can check the below available information;

  • Back links
  • Referring domains
  • Anchors
  • Website / blog traffic
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog traffic value
  • URL rating (UR)
  • Domain Rating (DR)

If you have ahref tool, then you no need any other tool for blogging, most of the top bloggers across the world are using Ahref tool. Go for it as per monthly charges or you can also check the Groupbuy method for low budget bloggers.

The Ahref keyword search tool will helps to find the various “Keyword” information, it contains the following in depth of details.

  • Having the same terms
  • Questions (Kw included)
  • Phrase Match Kw
  • Also rank for (alternative keywords).
  • Newly discovered keywords.
  • Search suggestions.
  • All keywords ideas.

Google Keyword Planner: This tool is unique for the keyword strategic metrics, Google only gaint which provide 99% accurate metric data with valid search volume information.

Ubersuggest: Another alternative keyword search tool from Neil Patel, it is good to go for newbies.

Mobile Blogging Tools

These tools are available in both Desktop as well as the mobile version, travel bloggers can utilize these available tools for productivity. Some other tools, which we describe above, they also available in mobile versions. Detailed information on mobile blogging tools.

Want to Save anything about work-related files information, the following tools help to save the Task information on the clouds and access it through apps. These tools are working with mobile WordPress tools, Users can use both desktops as well as mobile, it makes work easier.

Google Docs: Personalized usage of work-related information, in which you can access Word, Excel sheets, PPT tools. For login credentials, information can save at excel sheets. Use these FREE tools from Google from Single account.

Toggl: One of the most time tracking tool for the team members and task assign tool. Team Leader (TL) can access the information and monitor every task. It’s a premium tool

  • Email reporter
  • Task assign and deadline remainders
  • Add/remove team members
  • Live chat discussion
  • employee productivity access.

If you’re looking for the FREE tool, then ASANA is the best alternative for Toggl

Hemmingway: It makes your writing clear and bold while writing an article, it helps to provide the tips like “The statement is inactive, passive mode or this statement is not clear and make it changes”. It’s like an assistant with us and consistently helping until the article gets clear narration.

Glammarly: No need instruction about Grammarly, everybody knows What is “Grammarly and it usage.” Every blogger has to use this tool while writing any article or text or email or anything. It must and should.

Grammarly available in both Free and premium versions, initially you can use the Free version and then later go for the premium version. Grammarly also available in;

  • Windows and Mac software
  • Google Chrome extension
  • MS Word and outlook plugin

In the premium version, a certain range of features is included like “Plagiarism Checker” and high-level grammar mistakes with sentence corrections available.

Productivity Tools

Pomodoro Technique: World trending technique each and every person who works consistently on desktop /laptop, the Pomodoro means, it alerts every 25 minutes for a break, which designed for human health issues. 5 minutes break for every 25 min work, this time period helps on the productivity increases. Use the Chrome extension and click the icon and it alerts every 25 minutes.

Chrome Pomodoro Extension

Apart from this, we recommend go for the Eye exercise, Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayama everyday, which helps booting confidence and healthy.

Free Photos

Photopin: Access million Free photos collection for your blog posts, use it directly to posts, but we recommend do some changes/edit the little, and then use photos.

Meme Generator: memes are a new kind of idea, where users go crazy on some topics. Use available meme photos OR you can upload own photos and generate the meme with your own text.

Canva: Customization photo designer as per the requirement, in this tool we can design any image of as per size and customs

  • Custom design
  • Logo design
  • Vector design
  • Social network pages cover photos design
  • Any size of image design

Image Compressor: This tool helps to compress the image size as per our requirement compression size.

Professional Blogging Tools

Well, If you have a normal blog or a professional blog, the Same tools are useful for both requirements. We cannot separate the best blogging tools and professional tools but professional tools are paid for better features.

Download No Copyright Images

If you’re looking more advanced features then, subscribe premium versions of each tool and use it accordingly.

Why are best blogging tools important for education?

Why automation is required, In same way, the best blogging tools minimize the human effort.

Which of these tools is not a type of e-marketing? blogging e-blasts a rfdi podcasting?

Use zoho tools or freshdesk tools.

Tools to use when blogging?

As many tools, which are important for blogging, details information has give above, go through it.

What others tools can replace blogging?

None of the tools. We cannot replace blogging.

What are some tools that make blogging easier?

Slack, Google Analytics, Seach Console, Ahref tool, G Drive, Drop box, Trello, Asana.

What are the mobile wordpress tools are available?

Utilise the tools, which we listed above.

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