How to Boost Productivity Working from Home Ninja Techniques

Boost Productivity at Work: in the COVID19 pandemic, 98% of employees are working from Home but it NOT an easy to handle the “Work” as we handled in the office, Why.????. Why because there are several factors are included to continue the productivity as we did in office premises. Ohhh. But, we have a chance of boosting productivity as earlier we did.

Are you worried about “Productivity” missing or Lack of fulfilling? If Yes…!, then Here are some ninja techniques accordingly Indian Veda and Yoga Sastra. “Who do regular meditation and Yoga, he/she perform any work more effectively as compared to the common man”

Here is How.???

Follow the below instructions to get Know the Productivity ninja techniques, that no one can tell you.! yes, 100% no one will share these very important techniques for boosting your productivity and save your precious time. Before get into the productivity techniques, we have to aware of some online and offline tools, which are very helpful

  • Make a next day schedule before going to sleep.
  • Think about Plans and Ideas to minimise the human effort
  • Work as full focus and avoid the distractions
  • Sleep 7-8 hours a day
  • Plan the Task before deadlines
  • Write a dairy
  • Do Meditation & Yoga
  • Conclusion

Plan Before You Sleep

Yes, It more important rather than plan on same day, plan for next day is gives many more ideas and thoughts for the “How to simplify the Work”, Many thoughts will come on “minimize the time and increase the work”. Which means “When you’re work more in less time”, which comes under the Boosting your productivity.

Many of world businessman and leaders has following the same technique “Plan before a day”. So, this ninja technique definitely gives more accurate and positive results, Try it and work on it.

Work to Brain

When start thinking about the Work “Always put thoughts on – How to minimize the human resource” in available stipulated time. Make sure, you have outcome with 2-3 ideas for the completion of work in less time, which helpful for the time saving and boosting productivity.

Focus Focus Focus, Avoid Distractions

As we known that, Working from HOME is not a easy task. Most of the your family members are always interrupt you for silly silly things and asking various info, which is important or normal, it doesn’t matter but you’re diverted to office work home work. Which may leads to “Lack of productivity”.

How to avoid all those

Simple, lock yourself in a room till the office work finished OR intimate your family members NOT to disturb in the office hours. which is only the possible solutions at this COVID19 pandemic time.

For Focus

You have plan for the early morning “Meditation” and Yoga, which help you “Become a CALM” person.

Sleep 7-8 Hours

Yes, Sleep is important medicine for the body regenerate energy in every part of the body. Try to sleep in peaceful area, where no distractions and no interrupts during the night. Take a sound sleep and check the results on next morning.

Deadlines – Headache for every Employee

Never and ever run with deadlines, which make stress and headache in regular life and it leads to personal life disturbance. So, plan the work schedule before deadline dates and work accordingly and avoid the deadlines. which is only the possible solutions at this time.

DAIRY, is it Important

Of course, 78% of people who wrote the regular dairy, they have strong memory power and more immunity power. They leading a life like heaven on the earth. A very very balanced life is possible with regular dairy persons.

Writing everyday memories and important information on papers, which helped to release the stress and feel like “I’m talking to my friend, who loves me a lot”. Writing habit is one of the best ninja technique for a stress-free life.

Meditation and Yoga

What a meaningful combination. Spend 60 minutes for Yoga and 30 minutes for meditation under the master and do the properly, and check the results in 10 days. The results were awesome. According to Indian Spirituality “Meditation can help to boost productivity in any work and also play important role in focus”.


Follow the above techniques and check your life after 10 days, you’ll see Changes. Which is very important to enhance your life and boost your productivity while working at HOME.

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