What’s the Cheapest Way to Send Money to India? from India to us

Are facing difficulties to receive or send money to India from other counties such as the USA, UK, Australia, Africa, and other various counties, If Yes.!. You’re in the right place for the complete payment transfer/receive solution.

Yes, now send and receive payment from other countries to India is very easy nowadays, know the third parties providing such services with minimum chargeable money. Yes, the Blogging Days team has given a payment solution service list with the specific chargeable amount.

Send Money to India from USA

If you’re a blogger, freelancer, MSME, Small business person, Website business person, and professional, now money transfer and receive is made easy finding secure, reliable and affordable methods. The following money transfer services are available with minimal exchange and transfer service charges at affordable prices. Users can check the complete rates before proceeding.

Send Money from India to USA

Now, it’s effortless to send and receive the money from India and USA is very easy in both online and offline mode. There is a hell of online resources are available with minimal charges — these online and offline services provided from India to Abroad and Abroad to India. Two-way money transaction is available with as per the transaction guidelines.

Let’s Look at an online money transfer services with instant remittance;

Online Money Transfer to India

  • PayPal

Recently, the Paypal has started a remittance method in India for International transactions, which is anyone can transfer the money from India to abroad (anywhere in the world) and Abroad to India. These transactions charges depend upon both countries for money transactions,

Create or Login Paypal Account

For Example:

A John tries to send money to Rohini from the USA to India by using Paypal International Service. Here, the money transaction charges are based on the USA and India.

Rohini will receive money after deduction of Paypal charges 4.4% + $0.30 in transaction charges.

John Sent $100.00 via Paypal and Rohini Receive $95.30 (Remaining $4.70 is Paypal transaction deduction).

Paypal deducts on an average 5% per transaction. 


  • It Records Transactions
  • Paypal always Safely Encrypted
  • It has mobile friendly
  • Sending Money to Friends and Family is Free.
  • Discounts and Rebates for Loyal Customers


  • Charges When Receiving Money
  • PayPal Freezes Accounts
  • Additional Bank Fees
  • PayPal is a Desirable Target for Phishing and Scams
  • Sometimes it payment process stuck

  • Skrill

Skrill is an international money transfer service provider across the world as per current forex rates, and Skrill charges vary as per the updated forex rates. Before using the Skrill money transfer service, kindly check the service charges. Create an account here and start sending money.

Skrill Fee

Skrill Service charges 3.99% on the exchange of currencies, and transfer charges are 1.9%, and total complete costs are 6% (Almost). It is a little bit high charges as per the Paypal, but it has many third-party options to withdraw funds, which are listed below as per country wise,

Skrill Withdrawal Limits

User can withdraw money up to $1,000 within any 90 days, if user verified by postal address, they can withdraw up to $8,999.00.

Bookmyforex Wire Transfer

Only one service is available in BookMyForex for Money Transfer method with affordable rates, check these rates before proceeding Bookmyforex Exchange and Transfer Rates.

Here, you can get the plenty of Bookmyforex Offers, Check these offers before transfer the money.

Payoneer is the best option for freelancer and bloggers, and SMEs, those who are doing business at International level. Payoneer offers many services and transfers money offer instantly at affordable prices.

Create a Payoneer Account

Wire Transfer Online

  • UAE Exchange
  • Banks (Axis Bank, SBI Bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Citi Bank, Yes Bank, and other Banks)

Cryptocurrencies Exchange


Crypto is another digital exchange currency; it allows the customer to trade cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. The USA is the first country where crypto accepted as legal currency in local and non-local shopping markets. Many digital service providers are using cryptocurrencies gateway for vital services.

Should check the Bitcoin BTC on regular based, it has been an increase or decrease in dollar wise. BTC exchange based on the current trend dollar wise only.

Crypto Currencies

We recommend Coinbase for Cryptocurrencies exchange market. Coinbase charges low charges for crypto exchange services.

Avail Coinbase Services Here

Bonus Country Based Money Exchange Services

  • mPesa in Kenya and Albania.
  • MTN in Ghana.
  • Indosat Dompetku in Indonesia.
  • eSewa in Nepal.
  • MobiDram in Armenia.
  • Globe GCash in the Philippines.
  • eZ Cash in Sri Lanka.
  • M-PAiSa in Fiji.
  • Airtel in Burkina Faso.

cheapest way to send money abroad

If you belong to any one of the above countries, then use the same service for national and international transactions, if not follow the article suggestions like use the Paypal, Skrill, and Payoneer payment service providers. We recommend Paypal Service for international transactions, it’s a safe and secure service provider.

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