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Paytm Affiliate

Paytm affiliate program You are looking for affiliate marketing online earning. If Yes, then you’re in the right place for the guidance of online affiliate marketing. If you own a website or a blog and interested in recommending products to blog or website users, then affiliate marketing is the best choice for it. With the affiliate program relationship, you can manage the retailer through an affiliate network.

In the online affiliate community, there are a lot of affiliate programs available as per the brand and product wise. In this article, Blogging Days community members will guide you on Paytm Affiliate program and Paytm Mall Affiliate Program.

Before going to major affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Lenskart, and other big affiliate commission website with the help of smaller commission websites like Cuelinks, Payoom, Tyroo, and iCubeWire.

Paytm affiliate earning is a simple and easy method; once you’re getting into the affiliate marketing program, you’ll automatically start learning on step by the step affiliate program, but there are pros and cons in this affiliate program.

Paytm affiliate Program

Paytm is an online running affiliate with a few affiliate network such as AdmitAd and Cuelinks. You can use any one of service to become an affiliate with Paytm retail marketing.

From our experience, we can suggest for Cuelinks

Is Cuelinks Trusted or not?

We have two types of Paytm mobile applications;

  1. Paytm
  2. Paytm Mall

Join Affiliate Program

Don’t confuse; We elaborate in a single line; PAYTM is a Mobile Wallet and PAYTM MALL is an Online Shopping.

Paytm: It can be used to affiliate the recharge product offers on the website/blog and other CASHBACK offers along with coupon code system.

Paytm Mall: It can be used to the affiliate for varieties of products (e-commerce), it has huge potentials for commission. Most of them opt Paytm Mall for higher commission returns.

How to Choose Demanded Products

  • Always grab the trending products from the Paytm Mall Store. Like say; Users interested to buy products as per the requirement which is based on festival sessions, demand products, big billion days, Huge discounts and offers days, and like black Friday sessions.

How to Earn From Paytm Mall Affiliate Program

  1. Follow the listed instructions to become a successful Paytm affiliate; Join Paytm Affiliate Program
  2. Fill the online application form and take the Affiliate login credentials and save it.
  3. Once the above 2 steps are completed. Now, proceed for affiliating on demanded products.
  4. Open a registered account, next select/get the product link from Paytm Mall and follow the account instructions.
  5. Once link converted into an affiliate, then start posting on your own blog or Website (Where you want to show recommended products).
  6. That’s all.
  7. Repeat the step for multiple products recommendation.

Paytm Affiliate Earning Report

Paytm affiliate has provided hell number of opportunities on the commission based product selling through affiliate marketing. The initial daily report for the Paytm affiliate marketing payment, the payment will be generated upon every successful payment by the users. On every successful payment is counted for the in commission and that is added to the dashboard and you can withdraw on a monthly basis.

Check out the below screenshot for the Cuelinks payment report based on Paytm affiliate marketing on recharges & shop in Mall. It’s very small value has given below, if you work regular based, you can earn like hell from Paytm affiliate marketing process.

Cuelinks Earning

How to Sell like a Hell

  • Want to increase the sales in Paytm affiliate program, then create beautiful images and attention and meaningful context. If possible use the infographics of product use.
  • Choose the pros and cons of the product.
  • Write a good review on usage.
  • Always monitor the user demanded products.

Demanded Products Always Has Huge Sell

Frequently Asked Questions

How much commission Earned as per EPC.?

PayTM Mall Commission Details
3 Months EPC 0.08
1 Week EPC 0.06
Type CPS

How to get Paytm affiliate?

Follow the above steps to proceed into the Paytm affiliate program and start earning additional cash from it.

What is the Conversion Flow in Paytm Affiliate.?

  • When a user makes a purchase, the purchase number is counted.
  • The sale is counted & added in the payment report.

If any transaction missed, then what is the solution.?

Don’t Worry, You can report missing transactions within 18 days from the date of the transaction – Report Here

Is marketing are Ads allowed on Paytm products.?

Ad Type Action
Adware & Cookie stuffing Forbidden
Text Link Allowed
Banner Allowed
Deals Allowed
Coupons Allowed
Cashback Allowed but not passing cash back to users
Email (Text) Forbidden
Custom Email (Text) Forbidden
Email (HTML) Forbidden
Custom Email (HTML) Forbidden
POP Traffic Forbidden
Native Ads Forbidden
Social Media Forbidden
Facebook Ads Forbidden
SEM – Brand Keyword Forbidden
SEM – Generic Keyword Forbidden
SEM – Brand + Generic Keyword Forbidden

If you have any further questions on Paytm Affiliate Program, can comment below with questions. Our team members will assist you with further questions and doubts.

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