Cuelinks Review Cuelinks Affiliate Trusted or Not

Cuelinks Affiliate

The Internet has changed many revolutions from offline money earning to online money earning; it has been a new revolution for many upcoming bloggers and online marketers. There are several kinds of service or resources available to start something new in affiliate marketing.

Let talk about Cuelinks, which is the new platform for affiliate marketers with nominal percentage revenue share, almost 25% of Cuelinks earnings.

Are you looking for the best affiliate option to monetise a website/blog along with Adsense, If yes, then here is the guidance for affiliate website monetise “Cuelinks” is the best affiliate monetise solution for bloggers to promote website content for additional revenue.

Cuelinks is the 2-minute content monetisation tool for bloggers, online shopping, coupon related websites, a kind of forum websites and other outbound traffic websites like Finance, Matrimony, Travel, Online shopping.  You can uniquely promote website/blog content with the help of Cuelinks and meanwhile use Adsense of same.

Cuelinks Review

Name of the Affiliate Network Cuelinks
Number of Merchants in Cuelinks 600+ Merchants
Popular Merchants (Widely Used) 20+
Minimum Payout Rs.500/-
Revenue distribution
Publisher: Cuelinks 75% : 25%
By Default Merchant Amazon & Flipkart
Referral Share 25% Of Referral Revenue
Performing Campaigns Over 1000+ Affiliate Program
Cuelinks Referral Link Click Here

Cuelinks Trusted or Not?

Cuelinks has more than 600+ merchants as on the 2019 year having more than 3k+ affiliate who are working with Cuelinks from last 3 years. In simple words it’s trusted.

How to Start Cuelinks Affiliate

It’s very simple and easy to signup.  Before signup, the following details are required for the completion of the signup process; (Official Name, Working Email Address, Phone Number & Blog URL).

  • Click here for the completion of the signup process, and fill the application form and submit the details accordingly.
  • Once the signup process completed, verify the email and wait for the few days for account approval, it takes a little bit longer time for application acceptance.

After Cuelinks Approval

  • Once the account application approved, then start affiliate with different Cuelinks merchands like say: Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Amazon, etc.
  • Select the appropriate and most demanded products with various merchants.
  • Generate Cuelinks from the selected product.
  • It looks very long and lengthy link, better make it short link’s in the same cue link page.
  • Once link shorted, then take that link and paste in the own website/blog.
  • That’s it.

How Cuelinks Track Links

  • Cuelinks will track every link exchange in any medium and track the sales.
  • The tracking is entirely automation. Every sale is counted and added to the cuelinks dashboard.
  • Track the link exchange count and number of sales with an affiliate link on the dashboard regularly.
  • Complete details are updated regularly within 24 hours, and maybe it takes more than 24 hours to update all the links.
  • Better to track the details after 24 hours.

Cuelinks Dashboard

Cuelinks Merchants List

How to Integrate WordPress Cuelinks Account

Upon recent usage of WordPress by many bloggers and affiliate marketers, the Cuelinks come up with a new and updated WordPress plugin; it makes work more accessible than complex code.

Follow the below instructions to integrate the Cuelinks with WordPress.

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard-> Plugin Section->New Plugin Area.
  • Search as a “Cuelinks” and install the official one.
  • Once the WordPress Cuelinks installation was completed, follow the next step.
  • Now go to the Cuelinks Plugin Settings option (Cuelinks -> Accounts -> My Profile), copy the publisher ID and paste here and click on the SAVE CHANGES.
  • Now, any Cuelinks merchant standard link is converted into affiliate link.
  • Direct Link for WordPress Cuelinks Plugin – Download Plugin

How to Use Google Chrome Extension

Well, the Google Chrome extension helps to convert any product link into an affiliate link within seconds. It is the first necessary feature to work more fast and accurate. Many bloggers utilise this Chrome extension for better and no need to login Cuelinks every time; Once it login, it makes work simple.

Next, What to Do

  • As we know, Cuelinks share the Publisher revenue 25% of Cuelinks earnings.
  • For promotion purposes, Use blogs, Websites, Social networks, Email options.
  • There is no restriction on the promotion of a product by Cuelinks.
  • Also, you can refer to the friends and readers, here 25% additional payment from them.

Cuelinks minimum payout

  • The minimum payout is Rs.500/-.
  • Revenue distribution is a 4:1 ratio between Publisher & Cuelinks
  • Redeem can be available weekly or monthly as per the selected payment method.
  • Wire transfer or any Indian payment transaction available.

Final Words

Cuelinks is the primary platform for affiliate marketers for years ago. Cuelinks crossed more than 600+ merchants are associated with it. Thousands of affiliate marketers have joined hands with Cuelinks. Everyday $$$$$ dollars of affiliate business has taking transactions with Cuelinks. It’s a genuine and perfect platform for new and experienced affiliate marketers.

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