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Things you should know before creating the Edu email, many of them are not aware of Edu email benefits, which is really important for regular usage. Education Email (Edu email) has a full exposer in the digital market area, eligible Edu emailers get a lot of discounts and offer in many, We’re providing few of then in below for the “BloggingDays” user reference.

One Edu email discounts will gives “lot of free premium benefits”, we provide edu email at low cost as you never expected, if any Edu emails issues get, we will replace in stipulated time period.

Edu Mail Benefits

Many students and Edu email holders should aware of below provided top-level accounts and create the account with EDU Email and verify the email and enjoy the benefits.

TOP 5 Benefits

  1. Free Streaming Access
  2. Free Online Educational Courses
  3. Free Softwares for Students
  4. Unlimited Entertainment Stuff
  5. Graphic design tools access

Let’s look at the available benefits features.

  • Audible Free Trial Account
  • Grammarly Premium account for free
  • Amazon Prime Account
  • The Washington Post Premium Account
  • The Newyork Times Account
  • Apple iPhone Discounts for Students
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Spotify Account
  • MS office 365
  • Github Developer Student Account
  • Get Huge Discounts on Cell Phone Plans
  • Get Google Drive Storage Account

You can easily get all kinds of stuff with edu mail if you don’t have edu mail create in simple steps free edu mail

free stuff with edu mail

Amazon Prime Account

If you’re created an account with Edu email, then you’re eligible for six months amazon free prime trail in the United States. Amazon giving standard free trial is for 30 days.

After completion of the Prime trial, you will get a 50% discount without any limitations and restrictions. amazingly, Amazon did not verify backend like SheerID verification. – Get Amazon Student Prime Account

The Washington Post Premium Account

Even though, US media companies like Washington Post also offering students discounts in their premium plans. The regular price for the Washington Post is $10 per month but students can get $5 per month, in the first-month students can get only $1. – Activate Plan

The Newyork Times Account

Another biggest discount offer for Edu Emailers, Students, Teachers. Newyork times offer premium package just at $1 per week instead of $3.5 and $4 will be charged for every 4 weeks instead of $15. – Get Offer Here

  • Unlimited Articles
  • Complete Important Archives
  • Subscribers exclusive
  • Access any device any time – No restrictions.

Apple iPhone Discounts for Students

Apple firm offers huge discounts for the students on MacBooks, iMac, Hardware, and other Web-related services. for example, each student can save more than $100 on MacBook pro.

  • Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3 are available just $199
  • iDrive offers 50 percent discount on their regular pirce.
  • Apple Music free for the first 6 months (180 days).

Note: Apple ID team is not performing the SheerID Scan. If anyone can avail 6 months free music if you have Edu email. – Get Apple Education pricing

Adobe Creative Cloud

In Adobe Creative, Now Students and teachers can save up to 60% on Adobe creative cloud. For this offer, Students can pay $20/month for 12 months in the initial period and after that, you’ll be charged $30.

Non-Education email users have to pay $53 month.

What are the Services are Included

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Spark
  • Premiere Rush
  • XD
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • Acrobat Pro.

Interestingly, Adobe doesn’t use the SheerID scan – Avail Offer here

Spotify Account

Spotify offers a 50 percent discount for students maximum up to 4 years long, Students can pay up to $4.99 per month until students years. Students also access the Hulu and Showtime (both apps) under the same Spotify account, there is no need to pay an additional payment for Hulu and Showtime. – Avail offer here

MS Office 365

  • Microsoft offers 365 Officer at FREE of cost for Students emailers “Office 365 A1” and there are no restrictions for usage.
  • Microsoft provide 1TB storage.
  • If you’re able to pay monthly $2.5 then you can upgrade to the “Office 365 A3” plan, in which all available apps available for the Desktop access, instead of the A1 plan (online access only).
  • Microsoft never uses SheerID scan, So who has Edu email discounts ID, they can avail of the benefits.
  • Available Microsoft Offer Here

Github Developer Student Account

Github is a code development platform, frequently used for development purpose. Students can get the below famous code and Hosting Services.

  • Algolia
  • ATOM
  • Aws educate
  • Better Code Hub
  • Bootstrap Studio
  • Carto

Avail Offers Here

Get Huge Discounts on Cell Phone Plans

American big cell phone Carriers offers big discounts for students and who have Edu emails, those Cell Phone carriers are Spirit, Grammarly premium free, Verizon, T Mobile, AT & T.

Students have to talk with the particular carrier to avail more information on students’ benefits.

Get Google Drive Storage Account

Google firm is providing unlimited storage for the students and those who have an education email.

  • If you don’t have an Edu email, then pay $6 per month for a 30TB package. the subscription is based on the Google One and also get the extra benefits.
  • Note: If you’re using Edu email, then you’ll lose the Google Drive basic plan, storage data is not loose but you have to download the data in a safe place and then proceed to buy the plan with Edu email.

Video Tutorial:

Github Student Pack: https://education.github.com/pack
Microsoft Office 365: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/education/products/office
Get Amazon Student Prime Account : https://amzn.to/2BpITo7
Notion: https://www.notion.so/students
AutoDesk: https://www.autodesk.com/education/home
Unity: https://unity.com/education/license-grant-program
Spotify: https://www.spotify.com/in/student/
Youtube Premium: https://www.youtube.com/premium/student
Audible Free Trial Account : https://bit.ly/2HombiH
LastPass : https://lastpass.com/edupromo.php
Jetbrains for students : https://www.jetbrains.com/student/
Adobe CC for students : https://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/buy/students.html
Windows 10 Education for students : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/windows

edu email benefits 2023

The complete edu email benefits list is given for the reference, those who are looking for the complete (100%) edu email benefits then look into the below tabular form.

ProductOffer BenefitsPlatform
Canva12 months Pro tier subcriptionDesign
Namecheap.com1 years .me TLD domain
1 year SSL Certificate
Name.comOne year domain and Advance Security SSL SertificateDomains
AWS EducateStarter Account worth $100.00Cloud
Educative6 Months Validity with 60+ coursesLearn
GithubGithub pro packageDeveloper
Microsoft Azure25+ microsoft cloud services + $100.00 in Azure creditCloud
UnityLifetimeGame Development
JetbrainsAnnual SubscriptionDeveloper
Digital Ocean$50 CreditCloud
Bootstrap StudioStudio LicenceDesign concept
Frontend Masters6 Months ValidityLearn
Heroku Hobby DynoCloud
.tech Domains.tech domain 1 year validity + 2 emails + 100 MB storageDomains
GitKrakenGitKraken Kit ProDeveloping Tools
PomoDoneLite Plan for 2 yearsProductivity
termiusPremium PlanMobile
DataCamp3 months planLearn
One Month30 days subsriptionLearn
Education Host1 Years Plan + Upgrade pla discountCloud
Interview Cake3 weeks PlanLearn
MongoDB$200 credit + Courses + CertificationInfrastructure & APIs
Guthub Campus ExpertsComplete CourseLearn
iconscout1 years Subscription + 60 Premiums iconsDesign
twilio$50 credit + APIsInfrastructure & APIs
testmail.appEssential planDeveloping Tools
Polypane1 year subscriptionDesign
PageclipBasic Plan subscriptionInfrastructure
next.tech1 years SubscriptionDeveloping & Learn
ATOMAnnual SubscriptionTools
Arduino Education6 months SubscriptionInternet of Things & Infrastructure
Typeform1 years SubscriptionDesign &  Marketing
DesktopAnnual SubscriptionDeveloping Tools
netwise.1 years SubscriptionCloud & Internet of Things
ICONS83 Months unlimited SubscriptionDesign
Mailgun12 months subcription + 20,000 free emails + 100 email validationsInfrastructures
Go Rails12 months subcription – Video LessonsLearn
THINKFUL1 Month web developmentLearn
repl>it3 months Hackers PlanDevelopers & Learn
Flatiron School1 month SubscriptionLearn
IMGBOTFree Image OptimisationInfrastructure
POPSQLPremium PlanDevelopers Tools
DATADOGPro Account + 10 Servers + 2 Years PlanSecurity & Analytics
Kodika.ioUnlimited Pro Plan 6 Months – Build iOS ApplicationsDesign & Mobile
StripeNo transaction fee on $1000 RevenueInfrastructure & APIs
Adafruit1 year subscriptionInternet of Things & Infrastructure APIs
Dashlane6 Months premium planProductivity
Travis CIOpen SourceDeveloper Tools & Internet of Things
ScrapingHub1 free scrapy Cloud UnitDeveloper Tools
Covalence1 month SubscriptionLearn
deepsourcePro SubscriptionTools
TOWERPro SubscriptionDeveloper Tools
Gitpod6 months personal plan subscriptionDeveloper Tools & Learn
Sentry500,000 events/month with unlimited projectsInfrastructure
XOJODesktop LicenseDesign & Developer Tools
Working CopyPro SubscriptionDeveloper Tools & Mobile
CryptoLens10 LicensesInfrastructure
Jaamly6 Months startup planMarketing
BrowserStackAutomate 1 year planDeveloping Tools
FreshpointGrowth PlanMarketing & APIs
blackfire.ioProfiler SubscriptionSecurity & Analytics
Neve’s1 year agency wordpress themeDesign & APIs
CodecovPublic & Private repositoriesDeveloper Tools
CART2 Years Premium PlanInfrastructure
Customerly6 months pro planInfrastructure & Marketing
SQLGATE1 Years Plan SubscriptionTools
VaadinPro SubscriptionInfrastructure & APIs
RestyledPrivate RepositoriesTools
Deepscan6 Months premium plan Tools
Weglot1 yearTools & Infrastructure & APIS
CodeScenePrivate Github repositoriesSecurity & Analytics
Simple Analytics1 year subscriptionInfrastructure & Marketing
USE together1 year subscriptionProductiveTools
Algolia1 year subscriptionInfrastructure
Better Code HubIndividual License & Access private reposDeveloping Tools
Daily BOT6 Months Business Productivity
POEditor1 year subscriptionDeveloper Tools & Infrastructure
Honeybadget.io1 year subscriptionSecurity & Analytics
Kaltura$10K/year CreditsInfrastructure
astra6 months SubscriptionSecurity & Analytics
Pushbots6 months SubscriptionInfrastructure
LingoHubProfessional Plan with 10,000 text segmentsInfrastructure, Productivity
SiderStandard Tools
Blockchair100,000 free requestsInfrastructure
datree.ioPro SubscriptionTools
EverSQL6 months SubscriptionTools
baremetricsFree Baremetrics to $2.5K monthly recurring revenueMarketing
LambdaTEST1 year Live Plan Test
SqlsmashStandard PlanDeveloping Tools
WisejPremium plus planInfrastructure
AccessLintAccess public and Private reposRepos
appfigures1 year premium planmarketing
logDNA50GB/monthly 1 year planSecurity & Analytics
Sofy6 Months premium planTools & Mobile
Transloadit10 GB Startup PlanInfrastructure & Tools
Phrase12 months premium planInfrastructure & Tools
CoverallsUnlimited private repos accessTools
Yakindu12 months premiumLearn
Storyscript12 months businessInfrastructure
Crowdin12 months premiumTools, Infrastructure , Productivity
Transifex6 Months premiumInfrastructure & Tools

Get Google Storage Student Offer

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