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BEST VPN for Free: If you regularly try to download stuff online, there are chances that you might have come across the term “VPN”. What is it exactly? It can be expanded as a Virtual Private Network. In simple terms, the internet is encrypted so that the user can access files of all kinds. This is particularly helpful for people who live in countries that are quite strict with regulations.

With VPN, you get access to blocked websites as well. In other words, you can also regard it as a more reliable incognito mode for your browsing. This is highly beneficial when you need to access content from foreign countries. Even when you are abroad and wish to go through the content of your hometown, VPN can be quite helpful to you. Read on to know which one will suffice for all your online needs!

Best VPN for Free

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Best free VPN for Android

Wish to carry your content in a portable form? There are android VPNs as well. You can simply download the application or use it on a secure browser. These versions might be a bit slow as they are designed for android devices only. Check out the top three and you are good to go.


For mobile phone users, Surfshark is undoubtedly the best alternative. It provides you with a “jaw-dropping” VPN deal. The overpriced VPNs don’t allow you to surf as freely as Surfshark, that’s why such a name. Other impressive features include access to 15 Netflix libraries and unlimited devices allowed. What else do you look for in a VPN?

For Net Banking services on your handy devices, it has a Whitelister feature so that no transactions are left unsafe. The content you look for is hidden even from Surfshark. This way, your overall experience becomes even more encrypted and secure.


  • Suitable for Net Banking
  • Easy surfing
  • High security


This one will hide your searches and your personal information from censorship. Sounds amazing, right? Using HideMe, you get up to 10GB of data every month. Whether you play games, stream shows or download inaccessible content, it is up to you. Popular sites and apps like Amazon Prime Video are supported.

The privacy quotient is high as you are not asked to enter any personal info. Around the globe, you can trust up to 1900 secure servers on HideMe. The independent working cuts down on additional browsers. There are zero location restrictions.

Summary –

  • No need to provide details
  • Access to popular platforms
  • Several servers for different locations


As the name suggests, this VPN is the best for speedy searches and downloads. Irrespective of the RAM your phone has, the facilities provided by Speedify will nullify any lag. Not only this, you get to download up to 10 GB per month.

Currently, discount coupons are also available. The thirty-day money-back guarantee is a plus point in itself. Buffering is reduced to nil and you have ensured a hassle-free download each time you use Speedify. The performance would not be affected even if you try using multiple connections at the same time. Use this alternative to “Speedify” your online work.

Summary –

  • Exceptionally high speed
  • Reduced buffering
  • More than one connection can be put to use

Best free VPN for Windows

Windows users are usually aware of such hacks. Thanks to the variety of options available, there is no shortage of VPNs. Still, we have picked up the top three for you. They don’t work for the older versions like XP but you can use them easily on Windows 9, Windows 10, etc.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot sounds relatable? This one is not for data sharing. Contrary to the general idea, you get to secure your data from hotspots using the features of Hotspot Shield. We have kept it on the first spot because it provides you the best services in a single place, that too in a compact form.

The combo includes high speed, on-demand security, and enhanced encryption based on your device. It is highly useful for streaming in a hassle-free manner. Using Hotspot Shield, you can step up your gaming experiences as well. For all your needs, this VPN has something reliable to offer.

Summary –

  • Accessible interface
  • Flawless streaming
  • Apt for gamers too


This one is at the second stop because it allows you to access only three servers on a single device. Privacy features are sure to impress you. With the provision of unlimited data, you can forget everything else and indulge in surfing. You can even get the premium version free for a week.

There is no requirement for extra security as this VPN is a power-packed one. To check out the advanced features, you need to take the paid version which will also support ten devices. The bonus? There are no advertisements. Enjoy seamless VPN usage and stay carefree about all other network security issues.

Summary –

  • Enhanced privacy
  • Zero ads
  • Premium features


Using Opera, you can get unlimited bandwidth. Though you need to give several permissions early on, you can easily adjust with regular usage. This VPN allows you to do a region-specific search as well. It is not feasible to stream content on Netflix.

On your laptops as well as desktops, you can simply download it and the rest of the things will get sorted. It blocks cookies and much more. The built-in features reduce the requirement of any other downloads. Make sure you use it on the Opera browser for a better experience.

Summary –

  • Suitable for Opera
  • Permissions required
  • No add-ons needed

Best free VPN for Mac

Own a MacBook and feel left out at times? Don’t worry as we got you covered. You can easily do all that others can. The following VPNs work swiftly and are compatible with Apple devices too.


For Mac users and iOS users alike, NordVPN is the easiest option. In addition to regular discounts, you get access to gifts in the form of extra subscriptions. Like other options, there is a thirty-day money-back guarantee as well. The speed is high so that you don’t get irritated like other servers. You can use this one in 59 countries easily.

Regarding security, you are protected by CyberSec technology so that malicious websites can be blocked before they harm your device in any possible way. High-quality encryption is also provided to you. In case the connection is broken amidst a search, the automatic kill switch helps you log out securely.

Summary –

  • Gifts and surprises
  • CyberSec security
  • Kill Switch for emergencies


Another good news for Apple users! Windscribe has begun to support your devices as well. You can easily access ten servers using this VPN. Though only a single device is supported, you can go for up to ten GB per month. For free versions, this is highly useful.

For Netflix fans, Windscribe provides you easy access. Customer support is a bit difficult for this platform. Apart from this, the speed might be a bit slow at times. This depends on the traffic. We recommend you check the server requirements and adjust your device accordingly.

Summary –

  • Ten servers at a time
  • The data limit is high
  • Complicated settings


With Betternet, you do exactly what you wish to do. Your online services get better and better with time. For Mac users who are dependent on the Wi-Fi network, this VPN won’t hamper your security. The data limit is capped at 500MB per day, which is a huge amount in comparison to other free VPNs.

There is no limit on the advertisements shown to you. Even though this might be a bit disturbing, the content reach it provides is quite attractive. Betternet aids you in hiding your IP as well.

Summary –

  • Secure even on Wi-Fi
  • High data limit for daily usage
  • Simple to use

Best free VPN for PC

Using small screens for complicated work might be gruesome at times. For people who don’t like to download VPNs on their phones or other devices, some are even compatible with your desktops. The following options are easy-to-use and trustworthy too.


This one comes with a free thirty-day trial. The trial is such that you can get a refund after a month if the services don’t satisfy you. The connectivity is fast enough and it has a far-reaching network. More than 90 countries are covered. With unlimited bandwidth, you can access apps and other paid services quite fluently.

The main issue regarding VPNs is security. That doesn’t sound risky here, as the AES encryption is enough to protect your browsing as well as your data. In addition to all these features. You get a 24×7 user-friendly forum for grievances and customer support.

Summary –

  • Secure
  • Wide access
  • 24-hour customer care


Let’s get to the basics with this one. The functions of TunnelBear are like a tunnel around your browser. Now, what’s that? For better understanding, try to relate it with a secure cover around your device network so that the third-party applications are unaware of what is being accessed. Easy enough. Now, let’s go to the outstanding features.

For a sneak peek into the reliability, it is owned by McAfee. You can access more than twenty server locations easily and use it on five devices at a time. The customer support is also satisfactory.

Summary –

  • Owned by McAfee
  • 5 devices supported
  • Unlimited servers


The most important feature is unlimited data. You get high security in addition to the six-country support. All cryptographic technologies have been implied to enhance your experience of surfing through a VPN. What else? You are secured from your ISP as well. Zero surveillance, zero leakage of data!

You don’t need to register initially, so it is easy to test for first-timers. With a reliable VPN service, the unblocking procedure is easier than ever. Advertisements might disturb a bit.

Summary –

  • Cryptographic technologies
  • Advertisements in between
  • No registration required
Are there any associated dangers with these free VPNs?

Yes. You might be risking the important data present on your device. While they boast a lot about being secure, your privacy might be sold away quite easily. There is no protection provided in most of the alternatives.

How to access premium versions for free?

For those who are confused about which option is better, go for trials. You already got to know about a number of money-back policies. They are provided to give you a glimpse of the functions. After using them for a month, don’t forget to cancel the subscription.

What’s essential for a free VPN?

It should provide you with content, instead of acting as a mysterious marketing tool. Ensure that they don’t track your activity as it would be a big threat to privacy. For this, carefully analyze the terms and conditions mentioned by the provider.

Is it legal to use VPNs?

Partly. Piracy is punishable and that’s what these applications indirectly do. The software is not illegal, but a lot of its functions are.

How do free versions operate?

They earn through advertisements and referrals. You might even be asked to donate at times. All they do is create a virtual shield around your data so that specifications and activity don’t get leaked. There are no associated profits with this activity.

Who should use free VPNs?

It is quite beneficial for casual users. Watching movies and getting access to paid sites is the only function performed by some of the options. If you routinely need to stream content, the restrictions which are a part of free versions would prove to be a hurdle. Go for paid versions if you need it for official purposes.

How to hide identity easily?

Choose a VPN that doesn’t require personal details to sign up. That way, you won’t be risking any data or other prominent details. If you can’t find one that suits you, use fake ids and you are good to go.

What are the disadvantages of using the free VPNs?

For gamers, free versions don’t usually provide full access to all levels. Other disadvantages include limited devices and less capacity.

How to maintain overall security?

Do not give access for background usage. This will save your important files and folders. If used negligently, VPNs can track all your activities and trace passwords as well.


Hope the category-wise lists could help you sort all VPN choices. We recommend you download the VPN before using it so that hacking risks can be reduced. The paid versions are more secure and reliable than the unpaid ones. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions once. This will help in avoiding any future inconvenience.

Try to avoid using public connections like Wi-Fi as they can hamper your hassle-free downloads. Just keep these things in mind and you can easily access data without revealing your data or identity. Happy downloading!

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