Student Life on the Internet. Popular Social Networks Among Students

Social networks became an essential part of our lives especially when Covid-19 came. The Coronavirus era changed our concepts of social media. Now the digital world is inseparable from real life. 

Social media is especially crucial for young people due to their desire to be aware of what happens in the world. Also, they find new information on the Internet and on social networks, in particular. Here is the list of the five most popular social networks among students in 2021. 


Being a video platform at first, YouTube turned into a social network where people can communicate with each other on streams and comments. And the main way of communication is via videos. YouTube became a search engine and replaced Google for many users. 

One of the keys to YouTube’s popularity is its video content. The fact is that 2021 is characterized as a year when video content is popular. And the video content popularity will increase next year. Therefore, we can expect increasing YouTube’s popularity not only among students — also among boomers, millennials, and kids. 

This platform is at the top of the list of popular social media in different countries. People in Vietnam, for example, prefer to watch video content on YouTube and find information about a certain brand via this social media rather than read reviews and articles on Google. 

Likewise, in 2021, there is a trend to launch your own blog. One of the platforms that students choose for their blog is YouTube. This social network has stories like Instagram and provides making posts like Facebook. Such a mishmash of functions makes YouTube extension convenient and preferred for users as Weixin is convenient and preferred among students in China. 


The second position on our list is taken by Facebook. Thanks to this social media, students find friends and communicate with each other. You can make posts and share your thoughts and emotions with other people. Also, it’s possible to find groups and communities you’re interested in. For example, you can find hundreds of groups dedicated to academic drawing or amateur painting. 

Facebook has its additional app — Facebook Messenger. Students use it for chatting. They like this app because they can send stickers and emojis to express their feelings quickly and brightly. The possibility of recording audio messages and calling in audio and video format makes communicating on Facebook similar to communicating in real life. 

Facebook is used by people from different countries. Therefore, you can easily find friends from all over the world. 

Thanks to the possibility of creating digital avatars, you can spend your time well and be creative while you’re making it. 


This social media helps people to fall in love with themselves and feel beautiful. As Instagram is created for posting your photos, you can show them to the world and get likes and comments from your friends, classmates, and relatives.

Also, you can see how your friends see our world by looking at their photos. This is because every person has their own view of our surrounding things, and it reflects on his or her photos. One person can make only his or her selfies, and the other person doesn’t like to focus on himself or herself and take photos of flowers, buildings, other people, the list goes on. 

Users can make stories and show what they’re doing now. In that way, you can share your life events in real-time. 

One of the keys to Instagram’s popularity is the possibility to make two and more accounts. You can make the first account for all people on this social media, and the second account can be only for people who are close to you because this profile contains photos that you can’t show all users. 


If you don’t like long posts and want to learn about events in the world or in your friends’ lives, Twitter is the best bet for you. Small posts and images sometimes added to them tell you about the worlds’ life in a nutshell. 

This social media is captured by k-pop fans. The second topic of the posts on Twitter is politics. Therefore, if you want to find photos of your favorite k-pop idols and read politicians’ thoughts, you can sign up on Twitter.


Sometimes it seems that the world goes crazy because of TikTok. People are ready to spend hours on this social media. And it’s for a reason! This platform provides much entertaining and educational content. TikTok is the best bet for you if you like to watch video content but want to find something shorter than videos on YouTube. 

In this platform, you can see how people are taught to embrace who they are because users create many trends there. For instance, in 2020, there was a trend when users were smiling while making their videos. This trend is aimed to like your smile. 


If you want to find pictures, videos, articles, posts, and offers from the whole Internet, you can sign up on Pinterest. For example, if you want to find photos of split-colored hair, Pinterest will show you photos from Instagram posts, Twitter and Facebook publications, images from different websites. Also, you can even see TikTok videos when girls show their breathtaking hair.  

Thanks to this social media, you can find inspiration for drawing, dancing, or doing sport. Likewise, Pinterest helps you to enrich yourself with ideas on how to organize your workspace or turn old snickers into new by painting them into different colors. 

The Bottom Line

You can share your thoughts on any social media you like. Making posts, you improve your writing skills, which are really important when you’re a student because students have to write a lot of essays while studying. Thanks to social media and the Internet at all, you can find examples of essays on different subjects, e. g. you can read geography essay examples here. Thanks to them, you’ll know how to write it and in what kind of style it should be.

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