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Buy Edu Email: Are you looking for the education email.???, then you’re the right place for the buy Edu mail service. Edu email is one of the main sources for accessing unlimited resources across the internet world. There are tons of resources that are available at FREE of cost to all students across the globe. We are provide working Edu email for premium users who are willing to seeking for the Edu email.

The email works with the “Gmail” account Or OnDrive account, Where you can access the unlimited “G drive” storage and also get the email verification of all free sources provided by third parties.

Apart from the Edu email, additional services are provided like Grammarly, Canva Premium accounts along with lifetime validity.

100% Email Support, Email Replacement (if block), Dedicated Accounts Only

Only Working Edu Emails we will deliver on time.

Ask us, If any additional service is required apart from Edu email to get premium benefits.

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Edu Emails for Education Purpose Only

  • Random Name Email: We will Provide Edu email in any name.
  • Custom Name Email: We will provide the Edu email with your specified name.

Super fast / Instant Delivery within 08 Hours. Assistance provided if any issue with Edu Email.

Completely Safe and Secured Email, Only spam free emails provided.

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Our Special Services

  • Dedicated Account (No Sharing Accounts).
  • Spam-free buy Edu Email.
  • Newly created accounts.
  • 100% Fresh Accounts (Even a random and Custom both).
  • We will Delivery on time, Some time we deliver within 30 minutes too.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction with Email Support.
  • 100% Payment Safe.
  • 100% refund guarantee if a user is not satisfied with services.
  • We use Paypal for buyer payment protection.

Choose the Edu Email (Random Name) or Custom Name Email before purchase, If you’re buying Custom Name, Make sure that, give the Correct Custom Name. So that, we will deliver accordingly. You can also mail us for assistance.

Our Email ID for Assistance –

Provide Email ID for Delivery
Country Name

For Indian Users, use below INR Payment Method

  • Random Name Edu Email: Pay Rs.1299 Just Rs.699/-.
  • Custom Name Edu Email: Pay Rs.1699 Just Rs.899/-.

Custom Name Edu Email Payment Link

Random Name Edu Email Payment Link

After payment, mail us We will reply within 01/08 hour’s.

Use the below payment gateway to buy Edu mail and get the dedicated Edu email and enjoy the premium staff.

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What You Get

  • Complete Dedicated Account
  • Email support if any issues or blocked email.
  • 100% Success tested Edu emails from us.
  • Delivery within 12 hours of receiving payment (maximum 3 days).

Buy Edu mail

Provide Email ID for Delivery
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** Filling the form is compulsory for the email delivery.

The below mentioned resources are available for free of cost with buy edu mail account.

  • Amazon Prime for six months
  • Netflix Premium streaming content access
  • Github Package access
  • Namecheap free domain
  • free domain and hosting service
  • Sendgrid
  • Travis CI
  • DNSimple
  • Netflix
  • Crowdflower
  • Orchestrate
  • Free Domain

More Info

Use the below order form and get the email within 3 to 5 days from us. We provide;

  • Email Address / Username
  • Edu email Password
  • Social Security Code (SSN)
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Student ID
  • College/ University information
  • University link for Free courses (if any)
  • PIN number (if any)


Along with the username and password, other details are available for the changing/update personal password and secure with the standard password.

Dedicated Service to our beloved Users on “buy edu mail” Method.

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Fill the form for “New Edu Email Method”.

Disclaimer: We provide Edu Emails for educational purposes only. For those who are not affordable and looking for online educational classes. If anyone is doing spam/spamming, then the email Id will be removed/blocked automatically without any intimation.

What are the benefits of having an edu email?

The complete edu mail benefits are given above, go through the benefits first and then buy edu email.

I’m not a student, can I get the edu email address?


How do I create a free edu email?

Follow this link More Info for edu email from us.

How many replacement in buy edu mail?

Replacement is based on the selected service method by user.

Is these Email are Fresh or Old?

These emails are fresh and newly created.

Can I get custom name email?

Yes, we provide custom name also.

Do I need VPN to login Edu email?

No VPN required for login.

Do you ptovide college ID cards?

No, we don’t.

Best place to buy edu email?

Our platform is the best place to buy edu email along with Email support.

Buy a student email address?

Yes, you can buy email, we can delivery email within hours.

Where to buy edu email instant?

We can provide the random name email instantly but custom name edu email will deliver within 12 hours.

Can you buy .edu email?

Yes, we do for you to get premium benefits.

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    1. I got one .edu mail id by following the steps you mentioned but I can’t be able to send and recieve mails from that id, says can’t send contact admin to fix the issue.
      what if the same happens again after buying from you then?

      • Hello Rao,

        We will provide the Edu email ID, which has both Inflow and outflow service.

        If Edu email not works, then we will replace it with new email too.


    2. hello,
      is it against your policy if i purchased the edu email in order to signup in shodan to help me in bug bounty


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